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But even if you weren't aware, it's completely understandable. The mainstream music scene - major labels, Top 40 radio stations, etc. - have a fickle relationship with pop-punk. Its popularity tends to come

and go in spurts, most recently peaking with Fall Out Boy and Paramore's mid-2000s heyday. These days, even as those forefathers continue to enjoy chart success, lots of major-label A&R scouts and program directors give virtually no attention to the genre's new entrants. But within pop-punk circles, the genre is alive and well, and its devotees are quietly forging an exciting new scene.

Below, we've selected 10 new pop-punk acts from the past several years that deserve more attention. None of these bands are signed to major labels, and frankly, it would be surprising if any did in the near future. They're signed to veteran scene labels like SideOneDummy, Bridge 9 and Fearless, and relatively new entrants like Top Shelf. None of their vocalists sound like the next Patrick Stump. But these bands are as earnest as they come, and their back-to-basics approach is giving the scene new life. They tour in bulk - often in groups of four or five, or at scene-approved stops like Warped Tour, Skate and Surf Festival, Riot Fest and Gainesville, Fla.'s FEST. And when it comes to those shows, at least the pop-punk merch industry is booming: a veteran act like the Wonder Years can sell scarves, beach balls, towels, sunglasses and flip-flops, while even unsigned bands carry a swath of t-shirt and hoody designs.

Gender norms are also changing. A scene kid's list of favorite albums in, say, 2005, would have included maybe Paramore and then most likely a bunch of all-dude bands, as there were very, very few women involved in the scene. Luckily, there's a bit more gender diversity these days. Three of the 10 bands in this list contain female members, and though that's still not optimal, it's a step in the right direction.

Whether you've heard of all of them or none of them (both extremes are pretty likely), here are 10 new reasons to write lyrics on your Chuck Taylors:

Candy Hearts

Their name might sound a bit Radio Disney, but rest assured, Candy Hearts have pop-punk cred. They're a favorite of Paramore's Hayley Williams and New Found Glory guitarist/scene legend Chad Gilbert, the latter of whom produced their forthcoming album. Frontwoman Mariel Loveland doesn't have Hayley Williams pipes (few do), but on the upside, her vocals are quite user-friendly for crowd-sourced singalongs. As for Candy Hearts' sound, imagine what Best Coast would sound like if Bethany Cosentino grew up on Long Island instead of southern California - hooky, major chord jams about twenty-something life, but with less sunshine and more angst.


According to their bio, Brooklyn's Chumped "like to drink and write songs about feelings." These very pop-punk activities led to last year's rip-roaring self-titled EP, which is now on its second pressing. They're led by frontwoman Anika Pyle, whose vocals sell some delicious hooks and occasional potty-mouthed cries across their six-song body of work.

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