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It's not that all the music they play sucks

by pin_drop

It's the format of commercial radio, where they pick out one song at a time to try to "sell" to you by playing it over and over and over, since that's the only way the music and radio industry thinks it can make money. This way of thinking leaves us with the lowest common denominator of music that reflect nothing other than "pop culture". This will water down any creativity, regardless of talent, and produce acts that are predictable and boring to people who search outside the mainstream for their musical fix.
at least that's my take on it
but yeah, sometimes i li

Popular Songs Word Search 150 Puzzles: Book 5: Greatest Pop Stars & Bands

S Korean diplomat builds ties with VN  — VietNamNet Bridge
The close cultural resemblance also makes Vietnamese youths enjoy the K-pop music genre. Nevertheless, the one-way direction of cultural influence from South Korea to Viet Nam is a problem. In my thesis, I also approach this problem.

Official song released for papal visit to South Korea  — Catholic News Agency
The video for the song was recorded at the Cathedral of Myeongdong in Seoul, one of the country's largest churches, and features 36 national celebrities, many of whom have an international following in the country's K-Pop music genre.

Polydor / Umgd In Search of the Lost Chord
Music (Polydor / Umgd)
  • Brand Name: UMGD Mfg#: 2613
  • Shipping Weight: 0.22 lbs
  • Manufacturer:
  • Genre: Popular Music
  • All music products are properly licensed and guaranteed authentic.
Black Hole In Search of Sunrise 12-Dubai
Music (Black Hole)
  • Brand Name: ENTERTAINMENT ONE U.S.LP Mfg#: 10600
  • Shipping Weight: 0.30 lbs
  • Manufacturer:
  • Genre: Dance, DJ
  • All music products are properly licensed and guaranteed authentic.
Laugh.Com Lily Tomlin: The Search for Signs of Intelligent Life in the Universe
DVD (Laugh.Com)
Sony The Search for Robert Johnson
DVD (Sony)
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