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Chocksy Refines the Catchy, Beat-Driven Synth-Pop Music of the 80s!London based Chocksy (aka David James) is an eclectic artist who has set out to deliver his own take on electronic music. Blending elements as diverse as techno, new wave and indie pop, it’s all about vintage-sounding drum machines, lush synth pads and colorful melodies, with influences from the 1980′s including bands like Soft Cell, Shannon and Pet Shop Boys, as well as Italian Disco and Acid House music. ” I love retro stuff, even down to the old fashioned ‘one armed bandits’ you find at funfairs and old seaside towns ” he says.

Chocksy will soon be releasing his 5-track debut Ep, while the lead single, “Your Town”, officially out through Platform Records on the 28th of April is already doing the rounds on Youtube.

We grabbed an anticipated listen to the Ep which manages to meld together vocal, lyrical, and musical excellence harking back to the 80s British synthpop era. It is choc-a-bloc full of throbbing, delicate, fever-pitched rhythms which flows together seamlessly. From the opening number, and choice single “Your Town”, to the proclaiming “I Know You Want Me”, to the shameless and extravagant “On The Cam”, and “Dress Up” to the grand finale of “One Night Disco”, Chocksy has crafted a collection of nearly every 80’s emotion represented, every retro-synth sound utilized. It is marvelous how Chocksy has recreated a golden era of music without sounding rhetorical.

The style of music, though originating from what may at first seem like a dated genre is absolutely refreshing, confronted with current synth-based pop. However it is the quality of its production, lyrics, and organic synthesizer sounds which propels it into the stratosphere of sublime pop recording.

The Ep and the single both evoke a particular time and place in pop culture, as Chocksy refines the catchy, beat-driven synth-pop music of the 80s, smack bang in the middle of the hip hop revolution.The great thing is that the he retains intelligence and respectability while recreating a classic theme.

Chocksy delivers music that is both very danceable and listenable in the tradition of synth-based dance pop. The most pleasing part about the tracks though is that it fuses together elements of the past with current trends.

There seems to be a type of music snob

by GreyWithEnvy

And I'm fairly knowledgable about all aspects of music, and every era from 1955 on... but this sort of music snob only listens to the most arcane groups, they rattle off a list of their favorite, and I've heard of maybe 1 of them
I used to not like the 80s pop, and now I like it, I wonder if I will have the same reaction for today's music, but I doubt it. I don't think pop is as good as it used to be.

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S Korean diplomat builds ties with VN  — VietNamNet Bridge
The close cultural resemblance also makes Vietnamese youths enjoy the K-pop music genre. Nevertheless, the one-way direction of cultural influence from South Korea to Viet Nam is a problem. In my thesis, I also approach this problem.

Official song released for papal visit to South Korea  — Catholic News Agency
The video for the song was recorded at the Cathedral of Myeongdong in Seoul, one of the country's largest churches, and features 36 national celebrities, many of whom have an international following in the country's K-Pop music genre.

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