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Pop Alternative music

Oh my...you ARE good! You've found the BitCandy Music Filter and our handpicked page for Alternative Pop. Sorry Justin Bieber, One Direction, Selena Gomez. You don't belong here. It's a velvet rope and no bad pop gets past our overly muscular bouncer. You see, we're re-establishing "pop" music as something that isn't CHEESY. Because great pop music can be artful, edgy, intelligent, challenging and just simply amazing. And this happened so much in the 80s. You had the ultimate pop marriage of amazing hits paired often and at the best times with credibility and coolness and edge. For instance: David Bowie, Prince, Kate Bush, Blondie, Madonna, U2, Human League, Bruce Springsteen etc. But today either something is cool and creddy and there's just no "song" to sing along...or conversely, the lame-ohs on the chart...well, they may have hits of the day but I'd rather have my teeth pulled...out my ears. (Yes, I'm talking to you Flo Rida).

At BitCandy...this is our version of indie pop music...we call PopSmut or sometimes PopKiller. And if you check out our filtered and hand picked "best of the week" blog posts...you'll see and hear the 10 "must hear" new tracks we've handpicked out of the depths of the blogosphere. And just what kind of artists you might find here on PopKiller? Well for sure...brand spanking new tracks and videos that are both cool and intelligent but have awesome songs, For instance: Gotye, CHVRCHES, Haim, Kanye, Major Lazer, Icona Pop, etc. Wait...Haim is indie? No it's just great pop music. But we also pride ourselves regularly featuring new artists who have less than 1, 000 Facebook likes. We LOVE identifying these artists early (yes, as example, we wrote about The Lumineers more than a year before they got had a hit).

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I don't follow popular music but...

by doesitmatter

I was really happy to see Coldplay win best alternative band (or something to that effect)-- for their album a rush of blood to the head. This was probably the only "pop" album I bought last year and it is quite exceptional. I have nothing against popular music -- I just don't have the energy to follow it. This is mostly because of my involvement in music and because I always have a backlog of jazz/experimental/dub/etc.. to listen to.

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Demi Lovato Appearing on Track for New Nick Jonas Album 2014  — Hallels
"That's what I grew up on and that's what feels natural when I open my mouth to sing and so having a pop alternative music bed with the soul vocal, I feel like really works," he explained. "I think this is definitely more of a mature sound as it ..

Train In Vain
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Rhino Flashback Essential Music Videos: Alternative Metal
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Oxford University Press How the Beatles Destroyed Rock 'n' Roll: An Alternative History of American Popular Music
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Popular Q&A

Morning musume 'go girl koi no victory' music video question...?

When mari was caught 'out on a date' i read that the controversy was over the girls not being allowed to have boy friends, to supposedly 'keep the single image' BUT in the music video 'go girl koi no victory' i read that the girls were asked to say 'suki' (i love you) to the camera pretending that it was their boyfriends...now..can someone explain this controdiction to me?

it was just part of the act...something Tsunku came up with..has nothing to do with this controversy...but as you know..Morning Musume tends to be directed to males..that's why they have the whole cute not but sexy japanese girl thing going on. when they are saying "suki" they are saying it to the camera...which means their looking into the camera...their looking at you..so they are saying "i love you" to you..the person watching the music video. so...its what every fanboy wants. a Morning Musume girl saying "i love you" to them.. hope this helps..

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