French Pop music artists

All is not necessarily lost however, and there are a few little diamonds hidden away...and listening to French pop music in the car is also a great way to learn French.

Here we bring you not one but two 'top 10' lists - the first more modern and the second more 'traditional' - and also an introduction to techtonik music which is unusual in recent years in having originated in France but then being successful in other countries.

We know these lists aren't complete - let us know your favourite French music in the comments below!

French pop music - highlights

There is plenty of music in the French charts that is more or less a pale imitation of the music that is popular all around the world (usually originating in the US) but there are also some examples of great songwriting - this is the main strength in French music, and often missing in the music from other countries. Try some of these:

Gary Vico and Leo Rispal: Le Meme que Moi: listen to Gary Vico on youtube

Coeur de Pirat: Comme des Enfants: listen to Coeur de Pirat on youtube

Nolwenn Leroy: Mon Ange: listen to Nolwenn Leroy on youtube

Christophe Mae (one of the few french pop musicians that young French will admit in public to listening to): listen to Christophe Mae on youtube

Zaz: Je Veux: listen to Zaz on youtube

Jean-Louis Aubert: Demain sera parfait listen to Jean-Louis Aubert on youtube

Raphael: Caravane listen to Raphael on youtube

Renan Luce: “La lettre” or “Repenti” listen to renan Luce on youtube

Grégoire: Toi + Moi: listen to Gregoire on youtube

Zazie: Je suis un homme listen to Zazie on youtube

Other popular French 'exports' in recent years include Air and Daft Punk, and we also enjoyed the album Boulevard by Saint Germain.

Techtonik Music

Take a look also at a relatively recent trend in France, said to have also originated in France - techtonik dancing. Perhaps the heart of this techtonik music / dance / youth movement is 'Yelle' and a song called 'a cause des garcons' (trans: 'because of the lads').

It must be the first French music to cross the Channel and the Atlantic since Air, a popular popgroup of the 1990's and Daft Punk.

See the video below for a sample of the music - and to help you learn the moves if you want to join in with the techtonik dancing...

Advise you get :)

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