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cover for Young Man In AmericaHide captionThe Stray Birds released one of the finest debuts of the year.

Courtesy of the artist

The Stray Birds released one of the finest debuts of the year.

Courtesy of the artist

More than any year in recent memory, the folk and roots music of 2012 was focused on collective roots, elements of ancestry, the stories and events which unite us. The finest traditional albums released paid homage to Nova Scotia and Appalachia. The strongest singer-songwriter records told of the hard struggles of working class people — stories which haven't changed drastically from generation to generation, but continue to be provide hope and promise. And our favorite albums from new artists (The Stray Birds, The Lumineers) were full of universal coming-of-age themes: facing reality with determination, learning how to proceed with courage. This was not a year of navel-gazing, confessional songwriting.Cover for A Tear In The Eye Is A Wound In The Heart Folksingers in 2012, more often than not, were making music to highlight communities. Given that, if another wave of the folk revival has been swelling in recent years, 2012 may be remembered as a year when it crested.

Top 10 Folk & Americana Albums Of 2012

The economy was on everyone's mind this year, Anais Mitchell's ode to the working class hit the zeitgeist. The story she tells across these eleven songs is about ordinary people struggling through uncertainty and love toward basic pleasures.cover for Leaving Eden They face the possibility their lives will never be as great as they dreamed, and seek to make peace with what they have. She sings about hard work ("Dying Day") and the tough choices whose ramifications will inform the rest of our lives ("Shepherd"). She sets the stage on the title track – a song of ambition and promise, the hopes of a generation crash head first into economic woes and the loneliness of reality. Yet, the disc never falls into the trap of feeling sorry for itself. From start to finish, it's an album about the strength of human dignity and its place in the oft-elusive American dream.

When Black Prairie burst on the scene with their debut in 2012, folks were pleasantly surprised that members of the Decemberists could really, legitimately, pick the heck out of traditional-style bluegrass. This year, they stretched their wings a little further to embrace all manner of the folk music which has influenced them for years. There are traces of everything from Simon &Garfunkel-style singer-songwriter tunes to accordion-thick Vaudeville instrumentals, folk-goth heartbreak songs and, sure, even some bluegrass...all exquisitely delivered.

cover for Kin cover for Seinn cover for The Lumineers cover for We Have Made A Spark

Music: Part Two

by akil

From about '98 to the present, the mix is much move even with only requirement: anything I buy has to be interesting. I've developed a severe distaste for manufactured Top-40 pop and a slew of bands whose identity and sound are practically indistinguishable from each other. And even bands like U2 and R.E.M. have become stale and tired for me. I haven't bought one of their records in almost ten years.
There's so much music out there, I want to hear something new, different or at least unique. If an artist's style doesn't change much from record to record, I stop buying their music. I can spend my $18 on another CD

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The History And Meaning Of Boy Bands  — KUNC
Very often boy bands, as opposed to man bands, are performing a kind of bubblegum pop music, which reaches a large demographic - not a lot of musical complexity, very simplistic messages.

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