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kyary japanese flag 615.jpgAs political tensions have heightened between South Korea, Japan, and China, so have tensions between musical fan bases.

J-Pop star Kyary Pamyu Pamyu offended some Koreans when she posed with the Imperial flag of Japan.

Korean pop has been under attack lately. Three days into January, Japanese news site CYZO ran a controversial article predicting that K-pop music, which had been a sales force in Japan for the last few years, would cease to be successful in 2013. CYZO spoke to several "industry insiders" who cited declining sales and lack of new Korean groups crossing over in Japan as signs of the K-Pop wave "vanishing" as early as this spring. A few weeks before, Jay Chou, a Taiwanese performer dubbed the "father of modern Chinese pop music, " called on Chinese performers to stop doing the Internet-beloved "Gangnam Style" dance. He urged fellow artists to not let the Korean wave overtake the Chinese wave, and in a subsequent interview said he did the famous "horse dance" first in 2007.

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These incidents, among others, highlight the tense state of the Asian pop-music market in 2013. As relations between the big-three countries in East Asia suffer due to disputes old and new, a new dose of nationalism has been injected into the continent's pop landscape. "Gangnam Style" is a surprising viral video in other countries, but among music listeners in some parts of Asia it's being received more as a provocation.

Japan's relationships with China and South Korea have long been strained, with many grievances stemming from World War II. But entertainers from all three countries have long been welcomed across Asia. Japan, boasting the world's second largest music industry behind the United State's, historically has held the most sway in the region. Japanese media has even had several boom periods in Korea. And last decade, Korean entertainers like BoA and TVXQ built big followings throughout Asia. Chinese performers also made their mark, with pop stars from the 1970s (Terese Teng) to the '00s (Faye Wong) becoming famous, even in the hard-to-break-through Japanese market.

The balance of influence changed, though, with the "Hallyu Wave, " a term referring to the Korean pop-culture boom that gained steam in the mid 2000s. Spurred by the continental success of the aforementioned singers and of various Korean drama programs, "K-Pop" became a juggernaut in Asia, with groups like Girls' Generation and KARA dominating charts across the continent from summer 2010 to 2012. Popular Korean boy band Super Junior even created Super Junior-M, a Mandarin-speaking outfit made for the Chinese market and that has seen multiple No. 1 hits in a and Taiwan.

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I'm asian and proud to be one.

by chucie01

I'm 33 male asian, been in bay area since 3 years old. I listen to hip-hop music often because it keeps me awake and gives me energy to run my business. On the days that I have made $500-800 a day, I turn the volume up even louder because I feel so good and lucky to make this much. I feel I can make much more and am unstopable. So many opportunities here is this golden state even in this economy.
I also find that asian pop music is BORING. Hip-hop is not the only good music I enjoy. American pop, R&B is also very enjoyable.
No Rock, very little country.
I don't criticise anyone for liking a certain type of music

Mr. Idol [HD]

Chinese Valentine Party โ€” Meet someone at the Seattle Public Library!  — Northwest Asian Weekly
There will be a brief presentation on the origins of Chinese Valentine's Day, and afterwards there will be a dance which will include a playlist of Asian pop music.

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