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Theory of a Deadman are back and currently rocking radio with their new single ‘Drown.’ Now, the lead single off their ‘Savages’ album has a companion music video and Loudwire is proud to present the exclusive premiere (watch above).

The video finds the band in an old Western setting, playing inside a darkened house while outside an old time preacher rallies the local townsfolk to perform a baptism in an area lake. A young woman is eventually chosen to take part in the ceremony as everyone cheers her on, but there’s something a little more sinister afoot. You can find out what happens in the player above.

Frontman Tyler Connolly recently stated about the song, “‘Drown’ is about being alone, the feeling of being washed away and left to your own devices. We’ve all felt that way at some point in our lives; unable to stay afloat, we sink to the bottom which always seems easier in the end than fighting your way back to the surface.”

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