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Soulja Slim (September 9, 1977–November 26, 2003) was an American rapper who achieved modest success on Master P’s No Limit record label.

James Tapp, Jr. was born in the Magnolia Projects of New Orleans, Louisiana. Tapp released his debut album, The Dark Side, on Hype Enough Records in 1994 under the name Magnolia Slim, a reference to his neighborhood. In 1998, Tapp, now calling himself Soulja Slim, released Give It 2 ‘Em Raw on No Limit Records with his single and video “From What I Was Told.” Following a prison stint for armed robbery, Slim suffered addictions to heroin and cocaine. He reappeared three years later with Streets Made Me which was again released on the No Limit label. From there, he started his own label, Cut Throat Records and released Years Later in late 2002. In 2003, he released Years Later…A Few Months After, his last album before his untimely death. The album featured the hit “I’ll Pay For It”. He also helped create the song “Slow Motion”. Though the hot 100 hit was released under Juvenile’s name, the song was originally written by Soulja Slim.

On November 26, 2003, Slim was on his way to a show, and returned to his mother’s house to get a VHS copy of “Love Me Or Love Me Not” to show to a friend. He was shot dead — three times in the face and two times in the chest — in front of his mother’s home in New Orleans’ 8th Ward, and was buried in the leather, camo outfit he wore for the cover of his 1998 release “Give It 2 ‘Em Raw”. There was rumored to have been a $10, 000 dollar hit placed on him from a rival record label.

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I cant see this guy CHANGING...much...
so HUMBLE...
. Even the hat..that caught on..
'IT's Her hat...not mine..she makes them

Priority Records Give It 2 Em Raw
Music (Priority Records)

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Koch Records Years Later a Few Months After
Music (Koch Records)
No Limit Films Master P Presents No Limit Records Video Compilation Vol. 1 [VHS]
Video (No Limit Films)
Cornbread Cornbread Presents: Street Heat, Vol. 14
DVD (Cornbread)

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Soulja Boy's "Crank Dat" has formless though palpable energy that is transmitted via a backing track that is deceptively simple, with cuts and loops of scattered lines constantly folding over themselves and playing perfectly into Soulja's aggressive randomness. !

Who likes the Soulja Boy music video?

i do...its a really catchy song and cool video

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