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Music to MP3 players

Classical Music and MP3 Players

For quite some time, I believed that it was impossible to use an MP3 player with classical music. I based this belief on the following evidence:

  • 1. In all the iPod commercials I've seen, not one features some hipster dancing entrancified to, say, Beethoven's 7th Symphony.
  • 2. The capacity of MP3 players is often measured in terms of how many "songs" the device can store. Although the song is clearly the dominant (virtually exclusive) musical form in commercial pop, the song is only one of many different forms in classical music. In the MP3-player world, however, everything is a song. (I know some people like that, too: They refer to almost every piece of music — no matter if it's a symphony or a string quartet — as a "song." Oddly enough, these same people, upon hearing a piece of music from the classical repertoire that could legitimately be classified as a song, will invariably refer to it as "opera." Very strange.)
  • 3. The one time I downloaded something from iTunes (I needed a Mahler symphony in a hurry and I was away from my CDs) the bit rate was clearly inadequate to render the music with acceptable fidelity.
  • But I kept an open mind about the matter. About two years ago, I bought an 8-gig Zune, and on my last birthday, I replaced it with a 120-gig Zune. Much to my surpise I have discovered that it is indeed possible to get classical music into the Zune, and to play it back. Technically, it seems to work.

    Otherwise, it's a constant struggle, and my original presumption was correct: You really can't use MP3 players with classical music.

    The big problem is that MP3 players are structured around a paradigm — let's call it the Artist-Album-Song paradigm — that apparently works just dandy for commercial pop albums, but it pretty much a disaster for classical music.

    Any free MP3 workout songs/sounds?

    IF someone can help get the static to stop getting my MP3 Player to turn off...
    Has anyone ever heard of a FREE song/audio file that you can put on your MP3 player to sort of couch you when you're on a treadmill?
    I'd like something that has a beat or maybe someone talking with the music or something. I really have no idea - I just heard that there are programs you can pay for and I thought I'd like to try a free one to see if it's going to do anything for me.
    Note: I walk about 3.8 MPH and I try to do 5-6 MPH jogs for a few minutes and then I go back to walking... If that makes a difference.

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