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SYMPHONIC ROCK (Royal Philharmonic, D. Arnold, M. Freeman)


User's Review (by Fredrik Nilströmer): Classic rock with a touch of the movies I grew up with the LSO recording "Classic rock" which stimulated me to listen to classical music. Now finding this recording at ClassicsOnline, what a fresh deal in this genre of classic music, where rock meets and blends with an orchestra. And with Arnold in the mixture, enjoy!

BERG, G.: Chamber Music (Asmussen, Balk-Moller, Bye, Ehde, Kaltoft, Larsen, Madsen, Monrad, Snekkestad, Ullner)

BERG, G.: Chamber Music (Asmussen, Balk-Moller, Bye, Ehde, Kaltoft, Larsen, Madsen, Monrad, Snekkestad, Ullner)


User's Review: Great Dane Gunnar Berg is another in a long line of Danish composers who are finally receiving long overdue attention, thanks to wonderful Dacapo recordings like this one. Berg is noteworthy for having written the first Danish serial composition in 1950, but it’s not necessary to be familiar with that imposing term to enjoy his music, which communicates with rare emotional directness. Adding to the music’s accessibility is its basic tranquility; even Berg’s orchestral pieces have a chamber music intimacy... Read more

BANG ON A CAN ALL-STARS: Big Beautiful Dark and Scary

BANG ON A CAN ALL-STARS: Big Beautiful Dark and Scary


Bang on a Can certainly knows how to celebrate turning 25. This two-disc release of new recordings features the mainstay composers of BOAC and stellar performances all around. Big Beautiful Dark and Scary also showcases shrewd marketing and promotion. Not only was the recording made available as a free download before the physical CD release, the CDs come with Marijke van Warmerdam’s video component to Life. But, to complete the experience, you’ll also hop over to the iTunes store and pick up the live recording of Closing, an iTunes exclusive track. Yes, I’ve done all these things and I am pretty satisfied with the results.

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BACH, J.S.: St. Matthew Passion (Kuijken)

BACH, J.S.: St. Matthew Passion (Kuijken)

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how to get free music for your ipod,pc,phone,mp3 player
how to get free music for your ipod,pc,phone,mp3 player

Why get an iPod? Its not the best for the money

by Deathwish238

The iPod was once the best mp3 player out there...but that was years ago. The Creative Zen Vision M and Toshiba Gigabeat are both much better mp3 players for the money.
As for what you need...I would get a screenprotector from
You should also get a nice set of headphones. Shure makes some great affordable earbuds.
As for music...well downloading music for free is illegal. I don't think we can talk about that here.
Most mp3 players run $200-$300 depending on size and hard drive space.

Amazon Digital Services, Inc Amazon Music with Prime Music [PC] [Download]
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Another serving of Hotdog  —
When he is not fronting for the band, this Garcia sibling tends to his collection of 150 guitars, 10 keyboards and 10 drum sets in his home, and writes instrumental rock music for corporate and individual clients. “I write these rock songs for a change ..

SanDisk SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player (Black)
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ClearChannel iHeartRadio - Free Music & Internet Radio
Mobile Application (ClearChannel)
  • The best-looking iHeartRadio ever. Completely free.
  • For You - Find a new world of stations you ll love, based on the music you listen to.
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SanDisk SanDisk Sansa Clip Zip 4GB MP3 Player, Black With Full-Color Display, MicroSDHC Card Slot and Stopwatch- SDMX22-004G-A57K
Network Media Player (SanDisk)
  • Plays music, audiobooks, and podcasts
  • FM radio and Voice Recording
  • New stopwatch feature
  • Plays content from nearly every source (MP3, WMA, secure WMA, Ogg Vorbis, and FLAC)
  • AAC for DRM-free iTunes compatibility
Mpow Mpow® Streambot Y Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Handsfree Car Kit with Hands-Free Calling, Music Control, and Charging Port for iPhone 5S 5 5C 4S 4 iPod, Android cell phone, MP3 Players and other devices
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  • Guarding your driving. Enhanced Voice Detection Microphone makes hands-free calls easy while driving. Enjoy the safety of two-handed driving.
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What guitar do most country music artists play?

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Which spanish music artist learned guitar while recovering from a soccer injury?

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