Free music videos for MP3 players

Mp3 playerMany people have video mp3 players but no content to play on their devices. Music content is cost prohibitive for many consumers, but for both WiFi enabled devices and those that connect through a computer, there is a way to watch content without having to spend a fortune.

Videos on websites

If a website does not have a copyright warning that states something about the site owners or video owners not wanting their videos stored on another electronic device for later viewing, then have no fear downloading the file for personal use. In addition, WiFi connected devices often have a way to browse to specific website videos in order to watch them on the fly without having to save them. Devices that must have content loaded onto them still can get plenty of freely offered content, just make sure of the site copyright rules before downloading. Do not download copyrighted content.

How to download videos

The easiest way to download videos is to first download and install the latest version Mozilla's Firefox internet web browser available at It is a free web browser that has the capability of using add-ons that greatly increase the browser's functionality. The add-ons are applications that work within the browser to accomplish various tasks above and beyond those used with the basic browser. After you install Firefox, simply install an add-on to easily download videos you can send to your mp3 player.

It is very important to know the copyright rules before downloading any videos to your Mp3 player. Violations of federal copyright laws are routinely prosecuted and can lead to huge fine and long imprisonment. Ignorance is not an excuse to break the law.

Install the add-on

After Firefox is successfully installed, run the program and then go to the tools menu. From there, go to add-ons. Type in "DownloadHelper" in the search box, follow the instructions to install and activate the add-on on your Firefox web browser. You probably have to restart Firefox to get it to work once it is installed.

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A couple of ideas

by stuff_I_wouldve_wanted

1) what brand laptop does she have? make and model? I would suggest getting any of the following:
-LoJack for Laptops (a 3 year subscription is like $100 I think) and a cable lock. not fun presents, but as mentioned, laptops get stolen frequently
-if she has a laptop w/ Vista or a Media Center laptop, get her an external TV tuner card. this allows you to watch live and record live TV on your computer. I just got one for XMas and love it. dorms are small, so they may not be room for a TV and DVR recorder, so the TV tuner card makes up for this (plus, unlike Tivo, you can record shows for free)

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