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When I teach yoga, the number one thing that most of my students say is “I love your playlist!” I spend much of my time after class writing down yoga music artists for my students, so they can go find them on iTunes later.

Many of my students say that they have a hard time finding their own “yoga music” to enjoy at home or that it takes too much time. So I decided to compile a basic list of the 10 yoga music artists that are simply favorites of me or our yoga studio in general. All of the music provided will easily cross-over into any yoga practice.

10 Yoga Music Artists For Your Next Session

1) Snatam Kaur(

She is an American singer-songwriter who performs Kirtan and Indian Devotional Music. All of her albums are beautiful and peaceful. Definitely check out “The Essential Snatam Kaur”.

2) Mirabai Ceiba (

The amazing duo of Markus and Angelika. Their music sounds mystical, Latin-infused, and devotional. To find out more about them check out their beautiful story on their website. Download their album “A Hundred Blessings, ” to start off your collection.

3) MC Yogi (

Truly ahead of his time and a musical genius, MC Yogi delivers beats and lyrics that make everyone excited about their practice on and off the mat. His website has some free musical goodies.

4) Matisyahu (

An American-Hebrew reggae and alternative rock musician who performs uplifting and empowering songs to kick-start any practice. He’s the guy on the picture up there, by the way. Download his songs “Sunshine” and “I Will be Light” for a small taste.

5) Bachan Kaur (

She is an essential artist to have on your playlist. Her music packs a punch with beautiful energy as well as a calming grace. Download her album “illumine”!

6) Nirinjan Kaur (

She is quite new to the scene, having just released an album in 2007. Most of her peaceful and calming meditations you will find on Spirit Voyage If you are looking for a song to bring you or your students ease of mind during savasana, her song “Wahe Guru” can surely do that.

7) Jai-Jagdeesh

This blossoming Indian artist has a plethora of energetic, devotional, meditative, and graceful tunes alike. Check out her best-selling album “I Am Thine” on iTunes for more.

8) Trevor Hall (

He made his way into our homes and hearts via the song “Other Ways” which was played on the “Shrek the Third” soundtrack. Now, a soulful and reggae-style musician who clearly wants unity is here to spread peace and love. Check out his album “Trevor Hall”.

9) Julie Fowlis (

She is a Scottish artist (mainly singing in Scots-Gaelic) who plays multiple instruments! Most recently her music was heard in Disney’s “Brave.” The songs evoke the mystical as well as energetic feelings of dancing and movement.

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