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The CadillacsBy Phill Marder

If you grew up in Philadelphia in the ’50s, you danced to The Orioles, The Moonglows, The Penguins, The Five Satins and a lot more as the City of Brotherly Love — along with its big brother, New York City — became the home base for street-corner vocalization.

It became known as doo-wop. Back then, we just called it rock and roll. Today, I’m still a little fuzzy as to what exactly makes a song doo-wop. You just know it when you hear it.

The ChantelsThe nation heard it on Philly’s “Bandstand, ” hosted by Dick Clark. But in Philadelphia, we heard more on the radio, mainly thanks to three of the greatest deejays in rock history: the late Georgie Woods and Hy Lit, and the still-going-strong Jerry Blavat.

Woods, “the man with the goods, ” broke “You Send Me” by Sam Cooke, named Jerry Butler “The Ice Man” because he was so cool and coined the phrase “blue-eyed soul” for The Righteous Brothers. Referring to New York City, he called it “New York, New York, the city so nice, they had to name it twice.”

The Clovers

Lit was the main man on WIBG Radio 99, the 50, 000-watt Philly giant that issued a Top 99 list each week and played every one of those records, plus new releases. No Top 40 there. Lit chanted, “Calling all my beats, beards, Buddhist cats, big-time spenders, money lenders, teetotalers, elbow benders, hog callers, home-run hitters, finger-poppin’ daddies and cool baby sitters. For all my carrot tops, lollipops and extremely delicate gum drops. It’s HyskiORoonieMcVoutiOZoot calling, uptown, downtown, crosstown. Here there, everywhere. Your man with the plan, on the scene with the record machine.”

The CoastersBlavat rapped constantly, talking right over the records he was playing. But “The Geator With The Heater, ” which remains his tag today, played almost exclusively what has come to be known as doo-wop, so we heard many great records that weren’t national hits.

Today, “the Boss with the Hot Sauce” continues spinning those oldies in the Philly area, particularly the Jersey Shore. And I’m talking about the real Jersey Shore: The Wildwoods, Ocean City, Margate, Stone Harbor, Avalon.

Wildwood stakes a claim as the birthplace of rock and roll because Bill Haley And The Comets first performed “Rock Around The Clock” there in 1954. Described as “irreplaceable icons of popular culture, ” Wildwood’s doo-wop-style hotels and motels, placed on a national list of endangered places a few years back, emphasize the town’s dedication to keeping the doo-wop culture alive and well. Last year, in an outdoor concert, I had the pleasure of seeing doo-wop legends The Duprees and Vito and The Salutations perform live.

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Big Hair..

by nonukesguy

May 8, 2007 - Greenpeace rocks Beijing:
The four-day Midi Rock Music Festival, the largest outdoor music festival in China. 50,000 rock music fans came to the park to listen to more than 100 Chinese and overseas bands play over the four days.
The crowd were here for the music, but also for the atmosphere. Like every rock music festival, the Midi is young, dynamic and even explosive. But what makes the Midi unique compared to its western counterparts, is there is no place in China where one can dress in full punk gear without drawing curious eyes, or run around the park with a "Rock China!" red flag without drawing the police

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