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Chicago house music artists

I Dedicate this collection to my friend John Lindsey, may God have saved his soul !
by Freedom Nix

This collection of songs brings me back to that time and place where every weekend was a party! WBMX & the Hot Mix 5 would give of 5 hrs of continous house music. The people, the way we dressed, the hours of nonstop dancing in the clubs! This collection captures that for me and many others during that time. These are truly some of the classics - "Baby Wants to Ride" I have on tape that was dubbed before it ent to wax. The demand for it was so great, he had to make that it! So, have a listen and buy this album. It's all orginal - Long Live House !

THIS is Chicago House music!
by jmbdad

See, you grew up in Chicago in the '80s when you can talk about WBMX and the Hot Mix 5. This music takes me back to the Mendel (High School) weekend parties and all of the house parties that our friends threw. And let's not talk about the Warehouse and the Music Box.

bring it back
by unclejeff

How to land house music gigs?

by djtechnique

I decided to go straight to the source with my inquiry,..CHi-town..the place where house music was born. I have been a dj since 86' and started by spinning hip hop records primarily and over the years i found better record stores outside my area who carried labels like Trax and DJ International. I have played a few gigs in atlanta, ga, but found it unsatisfying due to the amount of popular remixes of artists such as madonna, whitney, and janet that the masses wanted. i have also continued to do hip hop gigs as well to keep the bills paid. I have , since 1986, widened my plethora and scope of dance music to include progressive, but not too much and trance about the same way, even some dubstep/drum n bass
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Chevelle: Live at the House of Blues Chicago

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