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Musical form is the structure and logic of a piece of music. Under the heading of form you can consider balance, symmetry, proportion, pacing, and other topics related to the overall presentation of your piece.
Form is useful from the perspective of both the composer and the listener. For the composers, form can provide a template for presenting our material. Relying on what has worked for the great composers of the past, we can confidently plan out a satisfying composition. We can also use a knowledge of convention to "break the rules" and do new things.

For the listeners, form gives them a way to understand what is happening in the music. By being able to follow the different sections and actually be aware of changes from one theme to another, they are able to enjoy the music. There is a fine balance between giving the audience what they expect and surprising them, and using form is an excellent way to fulfill or deny those expectations.

Of the countless subjects to study about composing music, I've always considered form to be one of the most overlooked yet important. Although there are many fantastic books about musical form, universities, teachers and students seem to place too little emphasis on the topic.

In this tutorial we're going to talk about the basics of musical form for instrumental music, up to and including the simple ternary.

The A Section

As discussed in a recent tutorial, there are two basic theme types: the sentence and the period. There are also many ways that the sentence and period forms can be combined into something in-between.

The basic sentence or period is typically eight bars long. This alone can actually be enough to constitute an "A" section, or you can double the length to come up with a 16 bar section. An 8 bar or 16 bar A section can be repeated, either exactly or varied, to create a 16 or 32 bar piece of music. If you were writing music for a video game or a commercial, this might be all you need to be considered a complete and satisfying piece of music.

Of course you don't have to write in units of 2, 4, 8, 16 etc. Writing shorter or longer phrases can make your music less predictable and more interesting, or help you either draw a slow theme out or pick up the pace and make a section more exciting.

Sex and the City music - end theme?

by longjumpage

I'm trying to find out what the end theme music from "Sex and the City" is. I've checked every resource I can think of and no luck.
How hard can this be? Plenty info out there on songs in indiv. episodes but not the ending theme. Very frustrating.
Can anybody help? It's the latin instrumental piece that plays at the end of every episode. *Not* the main opening theme. It does sound like it could be by the same artist as the opening theme, but it's much faster and more interesting. I suppose it's even possible that they recorded a single long piece from which they edited both the opening and ending themes, but I kinda doubt it.
Many TIA.

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