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Mechanical instruments of prayer:

Buddhist Prayer Wheel:

Pictured left are two Buddhist prayer wheels. You put prayers inside and spin them. The prayer wheel is used by spinning the "wheel" around in a clockwise direction while saying your specific mantra or religious sayings. When the wheel is spun around in a clockwise direction, it is said that these prayers are sent out into the world. The large one is used in temples and can contain millions of prayers. The small one is for personal use.

If you think using instrumental music in worship is OK, you might was well also use a "prayer wheel" too!

Where believers wish to please God, the question of whether to use instruments of music in worship receives serious consideration. Although mechanical instruments of music, organs, pianos, and the like, have long been a part of traditional religious worship, Christians wish to know is their use is in accord with the will of God, or if their use is only in accord with the traditions of men

Click to ViewThe Bible, indeed, never condemns the use of instruments of music in worship, but neither does it command their use. Many things we know to be wrong are not condemned by name in the Bible. Thus, we can never assume that we have God's approval to do an act when no scripture teaches against that act.

In the New Testament, which is our guide today, the apostle, Paul, says that faith comes by hearing the word of God and that whatsoever is not of faith is sin. This is another way of saying that if you cannot find command or example for an act of worship in the will of Christ (the New Testament), you should not do that act. (Study Romans 10:17 and 14:23)

Thus, if an act of worship -is done without scriptural approval, it is done without faith, for faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Because that which is not of faith is sin, it is unnecessary that the Word of God prohibit the act; it is only necessary that it be uncommanded. Hence, the argument that instruments of music may be used because the Bible does not prohibit their use, is wrong.

God has always required that man obey His directions; faith is defined as man's obedience to God's will, and man's actions contrary to God's will are called sin. Although the way in which God deals with man changed at the time of Christ's death, God never changes. Thus, God (who expected obedience in Old Testament times) expects obedience in New Testament times. This includes our era, today. In speaking of historical occasions in the Old Testament, Paul, in Romans 15:4 said, "For whatsoever things were written before were written for our learning, that we through patience and comfort of the scriptures might have hope."

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The church of christ is a cult

by pastormatthew

The non-instrumental church of christ is a cult. now, mind you, it is not like the crazy Jonestown, Charlie Manson type cult. But it is a controlling, if you are NOT like we are you are wrong, body of believers. If you do NOT agree with them on everything then you are wrong and going to hell. This applies to water baptism is the ONLY way to get forgiveness and to justify this position they focus on Acts 2:38 WITHOUT TAKING THE REST OF CHAPTER 2 INTO CONTEXT AND CONSIDERATION FOR THEIR INTERPRETATION. This also applies to instrumental worship music - those who use it are going to hell is their interpretation

Terri Geisel Soaking In Glory Rain - Prophetic Instrumental Worship Music
Digital Music Album (Terri Geisel)

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When he is not fronting for the band, this Garcia sibling tends to his collection of 150 guitars, 10 keyboards and 10 drum sets in his home, and writes instrumental rock music for corporate and individual clients. “I write these rock songs for a change ..

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