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Instrumental music Gospel songs

by Evcordell

I'm honestly not sure why anyone would bother reviewing these albums and putting anything less than 5 stars. I've seen the drum tracks alone cost $39.99 a piece on other websites. These professional artists have done an impeccable job replicating authenticate worship and praise, gospel, and jazz sounds for the church without musicians, the soloists, or even the church band looking to add a drum track or the musician trying to play along with a live band. They're good for teaching, singing long, playing along, and even great for just some personal worship time. I even surprised by the vast amount songs that are available. AND IT'S A DOLLAR PER TRACK!! I am a musician and I don't know of anyone other company that is putting it down at this level of excellence. There's karaoke and then there's Fruition Music, Inc. And check this out... IT'S FOR THE KINGDOM!! If you need a good sounding high quality music praise service and can't afford a band, if you're musician and you're tired of attempting to learn songs by yourself with a band, or if you have a hard time hearing the music behind some of the popular gospel and p&w songs, or if you plan on singing a solo and you tired of Mother Bernice picking around on that 1975 upright Singer piano to find your key, you betta get this Fruition Music! God bless the Fruition Music, Inc. ministry and when I get a moment I'll be putting this review on every single album they put out! (unless it's a mess...)

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Looking for some music

by semisweet

What I'm looking for is a copy of the 20th Anniversary Edition of The Velveteen Rabbit, with Meryl Streep and George Winston. My mom gave the kids a cassette tape of this when they were little, and we all fell in love with it. But the tape disappeared along the way, and since it's now out on CD - AND with instrumental tracks of the music along with the original, I am eagerly waiting for the Wherehouse to tell me they have a copy.
Is anyone else familiar with this? George Winston is a gifted pianist. His music reflects the mood so well. You know, he wrote the music for the Charlie Brown Christmas that appears every year on TV.

Fruition Music Inc. O Give Thanks (Medium Key) [Praise Song] [Instrumental Track]
Digital Music Track (Fruition Music Inc.)

Bayside Banter  — Free Press Journal
The restaurants at the MCA had tastefully chosen classical instrumental music playing in the background to add to the finesse of the already classy ambience. Tucked away in a corner of the Bandra-Kurla Complex, the MCA has a soul of it own.

Fruition Music Inc. I Give Myself Away (Bb) Originally Performed By William McDowell (Instrumental Karaoke Version)
Digital Music Track (Fruition Music Inc.)
Maranatha Music (MRA) Top 25 Praise Songs: Instrumental
Digital Music Album (Maranatha Music (MRA))
Cc Ent / Copycats Renditions: Chris Tomlin Piano Tribute
Music (Cc Ent / Copycats)
  • 707541909594
Homespun Tapes DVD-Easy Gospel Guitar
DVD (Homespun Tapes)
  • Published by Homespun
  • DVD by Steve Kaufman
  • Author: Steve Kaufman

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