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jasmine-artistsJazz and traditional Chinese musicians and instruments come together in a rare collaboration this Sunday, June 22 at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.

A presentation by the Vancouver Chinese Instrumental Music Society, Jasmine Jazz gathers together musicians who don’t normally share a stage - Chinese folk instrumentalists and jazz musicians.

The latter include Arnt Arntzen, Jodi Proznick and Bruce Henczel. Traditional Chinese musicians are Jirong Huang (erhu), Zhongxi Wu (suona/sheng) and Sarah Tan (guzheng), from the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble.

In a press release, Arntzen, a rising young jazz musician, said: “As a banjo player who primarily plays jazz from the twenties and thirties, I can’t imagine a more drastic change than to work with the Vancouver Chinese Music Ensemble. Plucked or strummed strings sounding through a drum or resonating chamber sound beautiful to me, whether it is on an American-made Vega plectrum banjo or on the Chinese erhu, sanxian or guzheng. To be able to work with these amazing instruments is an exciting opportunity. I am grateful to be able to collaborate with the wonderful people who play them.”

The mix of jazz banjo and traditional Chinese instruments will give new life to both jazz standards and traditional and contemporary Chinese music. The programme includes the premiere of new compositions, including pieces by two Chinese-Canadian composers, Xiaopeng Jiang and Alan Lau.

Tickets at door 7 p.m. or call 604 662 3207 at . $15 (general) $10 (seniors/students).
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My singing debut

by themtb2008

Did I spell that right? I made a youtube video on this "law of attraction" theory. It talks about positive issues and things like that. The people who make those videos are REALLY dong some inspiring work. One had an instrumental song on it, and I took the music and made lyrics. Being blakc and liking rock, I really wanted to sing this type of music. My video is called "what say you" if you go to Youtube. Its a picture of a black and white fence up close. Its about 7ths on the list. Tell me what you guys think. And dont make fun of me.

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Bayside Banter  — Free Press Journal
The restaurants at the MCA had tastefully chosen classical instrumental music playing in the background to add to the finesse of the already classy ambience. Tucked away in a corner of the Bandra-Kurla Complex, the MCA has a soul of it own.

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What kind of instrument counts to be a musician?

Any really, but the more complex the instrument the greater the skill needed to play it well.

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