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A Mind at Work (Instrumental)
Album: Other Functions
Track 1

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Indian music?

by StreetTeam

I'm clueless here, but would like to explore indian music a bit. Can anybody recommend good "classic" indian music (i.e. Van Morrison Moondance is to folk rock as ______ is to indian music).
I don't want "modern" or hip-hop indian or IDM indian or indian House or whatever -- I'd rather start with something that's classic, mainly instrumental, soothing, transporting, etc.
Anyone? Anyone? Hey, what do you think of the new Shin's record??

Music - Themes The Prayer - Inspirational Songs - Instrumental
Digital Music Album (Music - Themes)

Bayside Banter  — Free Press Journal
The restaurants at the MCA had tastefully chosen classical instrumental music playing in the background to add to the finesse of the already classy ambience. Tucked away in a corner of the Bandra-Kurla Complex, the MCA has a soul of it own.

Sparrow Jesus Calling: Instrumental Songs for Devotion
Music (Sparrow)
  • 5007130724
GloryScapes/The GOOD BOOK Company LLC Quietness 2 - GloryScapes (aka Glory Scapes) Inspirational Music Video (instrumental)
DVD (GloryScapes/The GOOD BOOK Company LLC)
  • Video showing Yellowstone National Park in the summer with
  • beautiful renditions of hymns with Scripture overlays periodically to
  • present a time of inspiration.
PRAISESONGS Violin. Instrumental Magic. A Collection of Hymns and Inspirational Music (Instrumental Magic)
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Music - Themes The Prayer
Digital Music Track (Music - Themes)
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