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Latest Gospel music

Which Christian / Gospel CDs should be in your collection? Which artists have been the most popular? You'll find the answers here. Plus, the hottest hits and the award winners that are the most popular in the genre.

    Hot Hits - The Present & The Past

    For those who love the chart toppers and hit makers.

    Dove Award Winners

    The best and brightest in Christian music ... the Dove Award winners.

    GRAMMY Award Winners

    They have statuettes to prove just how great their music is.

    Other Award Winners

    Other important awards in Christian and Gospel music ...

    Latest CD Reviews

    The newest reviews and hottest albums in Christian and Gospel music.

    Essential Music for All Occasions

    Special moments in life like weddings and holidays deserve special music.

    Compilations - The Sampler Platters Of Music

    When you want to sample music from several artists, compilations are definitely the way to go.

    Contemporary Worship

    Corporate worship or songs for those moments between you and God, these CDs all fit nicely for all ages.

    Easy Listening Adult Contemporary

    AC is family friendly, but generally appeals more to adults, ages 35 - 50, because it doesn't include rock, rap, hip-hop or tween music.

    Holy Hip Hop

    Unlike secular rap, which frequently glorifies sex, drinking, violence and drugs, Holy Hip Hop focuses on The One who can deliver you from those things.

    Music For Kids and Tweens

    Finding music for kids and tweens that centers around faith or values can be tough since even that niche in the music industry has been touched by the "sex sells" bug. These albums are hands-down winners in the "faith and values" category. You don't have to worry about what your child is learning from listening to these gems.


    This is, by far, the most listened to of the genres, with more radio stations carrying the style, which is sometimes referred to as "Hot AC."

    Rockers For Jesus

    Christian Rock, much like it's secular counterpart, has several sub-styles within the genre. Modern rock, alternative rock, indie-rock, punk and southern rock are all well represented, bringing much to like to the masses.

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    Stephen Baldwin's latest project

    by ctpdc

    Straight to a generation attached to the culture of "core sports" comes "Livin' It," a high-impact outreach film featuring extreme athletes who live out their Christian faith every day.
    The project comes from PalauFest Productions, a ministry of the Oregon-based Luis Palau Association which has produced some of the largest Christian celebrations in recent memory. One of the most successful parts of these "Great music - Good News" festivals is a massive, custom-built skate park where tens of thousands of young fans have heard the Gospel. "Livin' It" puts this festival excitement on film as some of the top professionals in skateboarding and BMX riding stretch their talent and their faith on their boards, on their bikes and on the streets

    Indianapolis gospel music entrepreneur Al Hobbs dies  — Indianapolis Star
    At the time of his death, Hobbs served as vice-chairman of the Gospel Music Workshop of America. The Alabama native graduated from Central High School in Louisville, Ky., as a classmate of Muhammad Ali.

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    How do you submit musical performances for bobby Jones gospel?

    As of July 2013, it is not possible to submit musical performances for Bobby Jones Gospel. This is due to the overwhelming response and submissions that were entered priot to closing.

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