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This combination of melodic and rhythmic styles became the foundation for jazz, blues, rock and roll, country, bluegrass, modern folk and more. It is this unique “synthesis” quality that makes “mountain music” a perfect launchpad for those ‘modern’ styles and a perfect ‘home base’ for followers of other styles to come together.

Song Origins

Most of these songs in the public domain, though a few may not be—it can be very hard to tell sometimes. Some are traditional songs with no known author, others were originally old parlor songs that have gone out of copyright. However, they all “traditional” in the sense that they have entered the oral tradition.

The “Core Songs” Designation [core]

We picked 100 songs that represent some of the best and most commonly-played songs in ‘people music’. They're featured in our songbooks as well as a CD series; see below.
[core] indicates a "core song."

Testimony for the ToneWay Method

“I have been trying to teach myself mandolin for 7 years, and average buying one book a year. Get Started is the best book yet! It was obviously written by people who care about the reader actually learning something.”
Bill Herzog, Rogue River, OR
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“Your book was very inspiring and very well written, definitely the best music advice I've ever received. Thanks a lot!”
Mike McCormick, Meadville, PA
(read more quotes) “I tried your Method and it worked for me. After a couple of years of trying to play the fiddle this is what I’ve been looking for!”
Joseph Czeiszperger, Louisville, KY
(read more quotes) “The book [Get Started] is excellent, even for a slow learner like myself! Thank you so much for your help.”
Toni, Houston, TX
(read more quotes) “I've just spent the last few days playing fiddle nonstop out of a method book called "Get Started." I love this book. I love playing the fiddle. This is So Fun!!!”
JessicaRose on Fiddle Hangout
(read more quotes) “I spent endless hours in the past memorizing notation for picking songs. Within the first few days [of using the ToneWay Method], I can now pick some by ear. Thanks so much!”
Todd Boughan, Lima, OH
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Looking for 100 Greatest Songs of All Time

by 415John

I like music, and I really like great music that has stood the test of time.
So, like many people would do, I went to google.
It seems that "Rolling Stone" magazine has listed the 500 greatest.
My thoughts: "You've got to be kidding."
Yes, there were many great songs on that list, in fact most of them were great, but seriously, and doesn't Rolling Stone think that there were any great songs before Elvis?
Another list from Squiddo was even more disappointing.

County, gospel, bluegrass show to be in Foose Aug. 2  — Buffalo Reflex
A country, gospel, bluegrass music show will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 2, at the Foose community building. Subscription Required. An online service is needed to view this article in its entirety.

Kingery and Wissmann families in concert in Holdingford  — Morrison County Record
They sing primarily gospel bluegrass music while incorporating fiddle, patriotic, Americana and a capella. Their combination of tight harmonies, uplifting songs, and family unity are sure to encourage.

Foose country, gospel bluegrass show is July 12  — Buffalo Reflex
The country, gospel, bluegrass music show at the Foose community building has been rescheduled for 7 p.m. Saturday, July 12, due to the Fourth of July holiday. Subscription Required. An online service is needed to view this article in its entirety.

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