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Pandora is a great place to listen to free music online from your favorite artists but an even better place to discover new music that you're sure to like as well.

Enter an artist, genre, or composer into Pandora and they'll create an online streaming radio station based on what you like. As you listen to your radio station you'll hear songs and artists that are similar to one's you already like. You'll then be able to tell Pandora if you want to hear more like what you're listening to or move in a different direction.

You're not limited to the free online music of one radio station either - you can create up to 100 unique stations that only contain music that you love.

Besides listening to the free music online that Pandora offers, you can also download free apps for your Smartphone.

Pandora One is the ad-free version of Pandora that includes a desktop program and higher audio quality for a monthly fee. See my review of HitBliss to learn how to get Pandora One for free. More »

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New online music community...

by sooozhop

We have just launched the world's first online video site dedicated to music learning, This is a free, community driven site where musicians can upload their own music lesson videos and share their musical talents and passion with others. If desired, we will post a link to their web site to help budding musicians increase their exposure (for FREE).
I want to get the word out, but am very respectful of the CL music forum's anti spam rules. Do you have any tips on some appropriate music related sites where I can post and gain some exposure?
Your feedback is most apprecaited.

Pandora Media Pandora
Mobile Application (Pandora Media)
  • Stream your favorite music instantly anytime, anywhere
  • Easy-to-use design gives you the music you want the simple input of an artist, song or genre
  • Create up to 100 stations and tell us what you like with a thumb up or thumb down
  • Personalize your stations more by shuffling or adding variety
  • Showcase your personal profile and follow others to discover and share music you love
  • Access and manage your Pandora on the web or your smartphone

MUSIC REVIEW: Poshter Boyz  — Times of India
In this track that will definitely touch your heart, Shankar starts with more depth in his voice, than he usually does and connects with the listeners with his free-flowing singing.

DJiT edjing free DJ mix rec studio
Mobile Application (DJiT)
  • Unlimitted access to your own music library + SoundCloud and Deezer
  • 2 Turntables + Cross Fader
  • Several DJ effects (FX) included: Cue point, Flanger, equalizer, Scratch / Pitch on Vinyl
  • A store with additional effects (FX): Pre-Cueing, Reverse, Double flipping, Auto Scratch, Reverbs, TK Filter, Gate
  • RECORD option
  • Loop visualizer directly from the Sound Sprectrum
  • Cue points visualizer in the Sound Spectrum
Berklee Press Music for New Media: Composing for Videogames, Web Sites, Presentations and Other Interactive Media
Book (Berklee Press)
  • Published by Berklee Press 218 Pages
  • Book/CD Pack by Paul Hoffert
  • Author: Paul Hoffert
Webroot Software Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Complete 2013 - 5 Devices
Software (Webroot Software)
  • SecureAnywhere lightweight cloud based antimalware detection is effective at blocking viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, rootkits, and other threats
  • First of its kind online security console allows you change security settings, run scans, and see alerts no matter where you are
  • Quietly protects you without interruption or slowdowns. Uses a fraction of your memory and processing speed
  • One-click fix solves security problems and gets you back to work quickly
  • MyPasswords encrypts your passwords and automatically logs you into your favorite sites
  • 25GB of online storage to protect your files, photos, music and more
  • Also works with iPhone / iPad / Tablet / Android. Perfect solution for the PC gamer
  • Securely stores your usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers. MyFiles makes online back up and file synchronization faster, more secure, and easier to use
  • Social network protection for Facebook and Twitter
  • Uses minimal resources will not reduce your PCs performance or leave you unprotected while gaming online
MiYim My Natural Plush Toy, Orange Dog
Baby Product (MiYim)
  • Your child will love to cuddle up close to our soft cotton plush
  • Made of hypo allergenic and natural cotton
  • Safely made free of harmful substances and toxic chemicals, non irritant to sensitive or young skin
  • We recommend that our cotton toys be machine washed in cold water with a mild soap and air dried flat; It should not be treated with unnatural chemical induced washing...
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