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Convert your audio file to MP3 in high quality with this free online MP3 converter. Just upload your music and download the MP3 within an instant. You can also upload video files (e.g. from Youtube) and extract the audio track to MP3.

We currently support more than 50 source formats. You can also extract audio from video. The most common source formats are: OGG to MP3, AMR to MP3, WMV to MP3, WMA to MP3, WAV to MP3, FLV to MP3, MOV to MP3, RAM to MP3, PCM, ALAC, EAC-3, FLAC, VMD and more. Just upload your file and try. If it does not work for your file, please let us know so we can add an MP3 converter for you.

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Get Free MP3 Music Files Legally (HQ)
Get Free MP3 Music Files Legally (HQ)

Music Software legalities

I'm going to try and sell some music I've made online. I'd like to put some mp3 samples up, but unfortunately, the mp3 makers ask for 2% of sales if you use their format in a commercial venture (even though I'm going to be trying to sell CD's). They specify "related profits".
There are actually better formats than mp3 out there that are 100% free but, unfortunately, they're not as widely used.
So what if I make a non-profit web site that's perhaps a "Fan Club" site which has the samples in mp3 format... while the main site uses OGG VORBIS format. Is that a good idea?

MUSIC REVIEW: Poshter Boyz  — Times of India
In this track that will definitely touch your heart, Shankar starts with more depth in his voice, than he usually does and connects with the listeners with his free-flowing singing.

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What period of music was Perter Tchaikovsky in?

Romantic time.

Where can I find free sheet music of Tchaikovsky's D major concerto for violin and Dvorak's Mazurek op 49?

I only want the solo part. not the whole score. they are both violin pieces, and I have been searching all over the internet for them but i can't find them.

This is a link for the Tchaikovsky Concerto. It forces you to download the score and every single orchestral part, but the solo's tucked in there somewhere.

I'm not sure if there exists free sheet music for the Mazurek, though you'd probably want to buy it anyway, for the markings.

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