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Google Play LogoWould you like to listen to your music library from anywhere? There are free online music storage sites that provide the facility to stream your music via most Web browsers. Music lockers as they are sometimes called are excellent for organizing and storing all your MP3s online so you can gain access to them wherever you are. The following free digital music sites offer different levels of services, but all have the capability to stream your music on demand.

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Amazon's Cloud Drive enables you to store your digital music on the Internet and listen to it using the Amazon Cloud Player application (any computer or Android device). As well as music, you can also store other digital media files such as videos and photos. Amazon initially give you 5GB of cloud storage for free. The good news is that if you purchase music from the Amazon MP3 service, it will be automatically stored in Amazon's Cloud Drive but won't count towards your storage limit.

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Convert: IPOD music to MP3

by help_plz

Does anyone know of a cheap/free converter available on-line or in stores that can convert ipod music files into mp3 format? Long story short, I want to convert my IPOD music to MP3. I was going to burn them onto CD's and use a PC to upload them BUT my optical in my cd drive is shot/broken.
OR, does anyone know if there is an external cd/cd-r drive for MAC using a simple cable (EX. USB)? thanks!

Saurabh Kapoor Download MP3 Free Music Downloader
Mobile Application (Saurabh Kapoor)
  • - Easy to use Simple interface
  • - No special permissions
  • - Hi Quality MP3 Music any time
  • - Unlimited downloads of mp3 music
  • - Set MP3 Music as ringtone
  • - Songs and music Copyleft license Creative Commons
  • Download classic MP3 hits and latest hits from genres like Disco, Dance, Pop, Rock, Classical, Instrumental, Rap, R&B, Jazz, Instrumental, Love Songs, Ballads...
  • - Music Search for MP3 and audio files
  • - Download Music / MP3 Download
  • - MP3 Player plays & lets you preview MP3 files before downloading

MUSIC REVIEW: Poshter Boyz  — Times of India
In this track that will definitely touch your heart, Shankar starts with more depth in his voice, than he usually does and connects with the listeners with his free-flowing singing.

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GPS or Navigation System (UnAssigned)
  • Precisely track your running and cycling outside via GPS and in the gym; wireless upload of your workout data to the Free MOTOACTV Training Portal.
  • MOTOACTV 8GB smart MP3 player learns what songs motivate you.
  • Set goals and start racing against them; audio coach gives you updates and keeps you going.
  • MOTOACTV is sweatproof, rain resistant, scratch resistant with intuitive controls. Touchscreen display adjusts to sunlight.
  • Included in the Motorola Retail Packaging: MOTOACTV 8GB, MOTOACTV Sports Wrist Strap, Single Output Wall Charger, Motorola SF200 (stereo headphones with mic), Clothing/Belt...
MusicMediaDownloader Free MP3 Downloader
Mobile Application (MusicMediaDownloader)
  • ✓ Easy to use interface
  • ✓ No intrusive ads
  • ✓ No special authorization
  • ✓ Gain mp3 file and listen at any time , you must
  • ✓ Unlimited music downloads mp3
  • ✓ Set mp3 as ringtone
  • ✓ Songs and music Copyleft license Creative Commons
  • ✓ Download classics like Mozart or Beethovan
  • ✓ Music Search
  • ✓ Download Music / Mp3
Straight free children Upload
Digital Music Track (Straight free children)
Style Jukebox Team Style Jukebox - Cloud Player
Mobile Application (Style Jukebox Team)
  • Upload up to 1, songs for free
  • Instant access to your Jukebox music library
  • Stream your music playlists over 2G+/3G/Wi-Fi
  • Pin songs on your phone for offline playback or reduce data plan usage
  • Create temporary track listing just by tapping on the song s cover (Play queue)
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