Free South African music site

I was just wandering where I can download South African bands' music?
Guys like evolver, prime circler and aKing are no where to be found on limewire and I can't find any places that give you free downloads of SA music either.
Im dont mind though, I will pay R5 to R10 for a song but where? I tried but their site seems to lock up my entire pc for some reason! I have tried from both FF and IE, same result.

Another thing I found about telkommusic is this, , and that doesnt look to good either because of the problems mentioned there and I need to transfer the music from my PC to two ipods, mine and my brothers, and all that DRM **** doesnt sound too good.

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Friday, September 7, 2001

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MUSIC REVIEW: Poshter Boyz  — Times of India
In this track that will definitely touch your heart, Shankar starts with more depth in his voice, than he usually does and connects with the listeners with his free-flowing singing.

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