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Free Samoan music

Samoan wooden log drums, each 2m long used to beat out sound and signal times in villages. These are still in use at Piula Theological College on Upolu island.

The is integral to life in the country. The most important and essential avenue has always been the voice. Singers mourn, rejoice, and reflect every emotion. The past, present, and sometimes the near future are put to song.

Traditional Samoan musical instruments included a hollowed-out log (pate) and a fala, a rolled-up mat; both, beaten with sticks, were idiophones, which often accompanied choral singing. Another idiophone, a soundingboard, sometimes accompanied the solo recitation of poetry. A conch shell was blown for signaling. Amusement for small groups and individuals in private was afforded by a jaw harp, a raft panpipe, and a nose-blown flute.

A musical or theatrical presentation celebrating a special event in which performance groups alternate in an attempt to outdo each other's efforts has come to be called a It is often a hotel performance, in which dances now called siva Samoa and sasa are performed.

"Amerika Samoa", a song with words by Mariota Tiumalu Tuiasosopo and music by Napoleon Andrew Tuiteleleapaga, has been the official territorial anthem of American Samoa since 1950. "The Banner of Freedom, " a song that honors the flag of Samoa, has been the national anthem of Samoa since 1962; it was composed by Sauni Iiga Kuresa.

Post-European contact[edit]

Samoa police brass band marching in Apia to flag raising ceremony. The band marches every morning Mondays - Fridays in Samoa.

With the introduction of Christianity, especially after the arrival of LMS missionaries in 1830, the music of Samoa was greatly influenced by Western evangelical hymnody and popular music, particularly North American popular music. Two stringed instruments quickly became commonplace in the islands: the guitar (kitara) and in the early 20th century the 'ukulele. By the end of the 19th century, European-style brass bands had come into existence in the major towns.

As the islands were Christianized, late in the 19th century, ancient songs, accompanied by the percussive sound of sticks beating on a rolled mat, gave way to church choirs singing to the harmonies of pedaled organs. Later still, radio transmissions brought more variety, as local artists and audiences embraced each wave of "new" music. The arrival of U.S. Marines during World War II helped solidify the affinity for American popular music. Many earlier bands copied or imitated this music—a trend that continues. It is common practice and well accepted for Samoan musicmakers to take a Western song, replace the lyrics with Samoan words, and reintroduce the tune as an original. The guitar and 'ukulele became the usual instruments for composing and performing music. That sound is now often replaced by the electronic keyboard and the multiplex of sounds and faux instruments available with it. Many current Samoan musicians "upgrade" old Samoan tunes with new technology, or imitate and copy American popular music.

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How do you say music in Samoan?

Musika. Pronounced, moo-see-kah.

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