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Free music online for Free

See our list of the top free online music courses. Learn about what courses are available and what topics they cover to find the course that is right for you.

Premium Music Courses

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Free Online Music Courses

These free music courses require no tuition payments or registration. In order to take full advantage of the courses, users may need specific software applications to access video and audio offerings. Quality speakers or headphones may be beneficial when listening to music clips and samples.

Annenberg Learner

This 12-video instructional series in Exploring the World of Music is appropriate for high school through adult students, as well as teachers. By watching half-hour videos, students examine topics like sound and environment, learning music, melody, harmony and music memory, as well as music composers and technology. Related print and audio/video media are also available for a fee.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Voice students learn the importance of posture, breathing, warming up, clear enunciation/articulation and frequent practice while investigating the videos on the Learn to Sing site. Learners may also access a 6-video tutorial for breathing exercises and fine-tuning strategies. The lessons include exercises and demonstrational videos.

Children's Music Workshop

The Online Music Theory Game offers aspiring musicians a variety of lessons and trainers on multiple instruments. The lessons examine sheet music and provide video instructions in areas such as note duration, major and minor scales, key signatures and meter.

Emory University

Courtney Brown, Ph.D., presents 23 lessons covering such topics as patriotic music, protest music and labor music in this course. Students may view the podcasts through iTunes to learn how music transmits political ideas and possibly leads to political transformation.

Bird owners, free online music for birds

by avoice4critters

Most birds enjoy music, and many have a preference for one kind over another.I found this site that has free music that you can play for your birds. The first time I turned up the speakers in my bird room, they all had a party! Two of the songs, I really like to hear over and over myself. One is called Kva Kva, and the other is the Rain Forest sounds. They also have a list of bird calls. I had fun playing the different calls for my birds and seeing their reaction. Just a fun place to go, and my birds really enjoyed the free music selections.

MAGIX MAGIX Music Maker 2014 - Free Trial [Download]
Digital Software (MAGIX)
  • More than 3 sounds & loops to be used in your song
  • Up to 99 tracks at the same time for your individual sound
  • Create your very own music with Loop Designer
  • Share the unique tracks you have mixed online
  • Import projects from Music Maker Jam

Easeusapp Launches PhonTunes for Android to Increase User Acquisition of ..  — Massachusetts Newswire
.. the pioneer provider of mobile app and games, officially announced today the release of PhonTunes for Android, the free music browser and player that enables users to search and download free music across the recommended music sites and the ..

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Is free music?

Yes. You can listen to free music. is an easy way to listen and download music. You can find your favorite songs in our multimillion database of quality mp3 links. ChaCha!

Is mp3skull free?

yes it is free. simply search the song/artist you want,right click on the link/song/download, click on 'save as' and it will be done!if you want it on your itunes library,open up 'my computer' find where you saved it,minimize it. open itunes,drag the song from the other window into the window 'itunes' is on,and drag it into the music libary.Hope this has helped you:)

Is the free music download site: legal?

I just got a free music download app for my iPod touch and i found and it works miraculously awesome! But then i thought a little more and said this is too good to be true... so is this site legal or illegal? i have looked it up online and some say legal and some say illegal i will be so sad if its illegal because i already downloaded some songs,but jail breaking your iPod touch is illegal too and tons of people do it... i'm just looking for what you guys think! Thanks so much please answer when you can! :D

Nope, I doubt it. 4shared music is better!!

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