Free MP3 music tracks

Length: 30 mins, 40MB

Type: Sleep track (for dream induction)

Description: Fancy a dream that's a bit... disturbing? Explore your mind, find your soul, and see who comes out the other side.

Format: MP3, stereo, high quality

Length: 10 mins, 12MB

Type: Awake track

Description: You can't HELP but smell breakfast while listening to this track! Mmm... bacon and eggs. Designed to gently lift you into a refreshed, alert waking state. You can even use it during the day for a quick pick-me-up. Use it to regain your focus during that midday slump. Plus, this track is fat-free and vegetarian friendly!

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Download, Burn, Install...

by turdyptbuk

A Distro for Noobs hooked on the older Gnome DE.
I recommend Cinnamon over Mate.
iTunes! WTF?!!
That DRM laden crapware sucks donkey arse.
...Oh! You must own an iPhone... Whoops, YF'd
Convert your Apple AAC / m4p's to mp3's and FT'i'W!
Doesn’t Amazon already offer music from all the labels without any DRM?
Yes, Amazon MP3 has been selling DRM-free tracks from all four major labels for more than a year. The main difference is that Amazon sells MP3 files, while iTunes sells AAC files.
What’s so special about DRM-free tracks anyway? Why should I care?
Two big things: iTunes Plus tracks are encoded at 256-kpbs, twice the bit rate of standard iTunes tracks; and no DRM means you can play your files on as many Macs or PCs as you want

Gaash Pro Apps Cloud Mp3 music player - search, stream and download
Mobile Application (Gaash Pro Apps)
  • Search, streaming and download music.
  • Display Album Art
  • Music in categories
  • Support play music in offline mode.
  • Browser and play audio by tracks, albums, artists, playlists in offline mode.
  • Delete track, set track as ringtone.
  • Create and delete playlist.
  • Random, shuffle track.
  • Play in background.

Easeusapp Launches PhonTunes for Android to Increase User Acquisition of ..  — Massachusetts Newswire
.. the pioneer provider of mobile app and games, officially announced today the release of PhonTunes for Android, the free music browser and player that enables users to search and download free music across the recommended music sites and the ..

Free and a Half Five Little Monkeys (Pop)
Digital Music Track (Free and a Half)
Neojdx Neojdx Milan wireless Bluetooth Headphone for Music Streaming and Hands-Free Calling with Built-in Mic/ 14 hour battery / noise isolation / noise cancellation and Hard Travel Case - Black
CE (Neojdx)
  • Device compatibility: iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad; iPhone 5S/5C/5, 4S/4, 3GS/3G; iPod Touch 4G, 3G, 2G; Android smartphones: HTC, all droids, Samsung;...
  • Control your music player directly from the headset with functions such as play, pause, next & previous track, and volume
  • Serves as both a wireless music headset and Bluetooth phone headset for hands free calling
  • Sleek, comfortable, soft touch, lightweight design with up to 14 hours of music and talk time from in-built rechargeable batteries
  • Active noise cancellation / Active noise isolation
Accessory Power GOgroove FlexSMART X3 COMpact Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Enhanced Clarity Technology for Wireless Handsfree Calling , Audio / Music Playback , and USB Charging in Your Car or Vehicle Includes Micro USB Charger & 3.5mm Audio Cables!
Car Audio or Theater (Accessory Power)
  • The NEW & improved X3 equips your car with Bluetooth technology, delivering enhanced audio clarity and easy pairing technology for seamless handsfree calling...
  • With a sleek & completely redesigned form-factor, the FlexSMART X3 features low profile port placement and ultra chic styling
  • Introducing precision button controls - featuring volume, station tuning, track control, play/pause, Auto-Scan, and integrated LCD Display Answer / End Call buttons...
  • Onboard features include a universal USB charging port, AUX Line-In to connect non Bluetooth devices, and Line-Out to enable your car with Bluetooth technology through...
  • Unmatched Quality - the Compact FlexSMART X3 is backed by the GOgroove Audio 3-Year Manufacturer s Warranty!
Hot Tech Team MP3 Music Downloader
Mobile Application (Hot Tech Team)
  • - Multiple simultaneous track downloading, there is no limit it just depends on your phone s capabilities.
  • - Cool user friendly interface and design techniques have been used for your ease of use.
  • - Search and download music from public search engines.
  • - Save to SD card.
  • - Add ringtones and tracks to your phone s library.
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