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Acclaimed Reach Records rapper Lecrae has added a new release to his growing catalog of music,a new mix tape called . Featuring eighteen tracks that run over an hour in length,Church Clothes is being offered as a free download! Check out the track list below and visit this link to download your free copy.

  1. Co-sign (3:10)
  2. APB (feat. Thi'sl) (3:32)
  3. Church Clothes (2:24)
  4. Cold World (feat. Tasha Catour) (3:33)
  5. Welcome To H-Town (feat. Tedashii & Dre Murray) (4:32)
  6. Inspiration (2:30)
  7. Rise (3:12)
  8. Darkest Hour (feat. No Malice) (2:37)
  9. Black Rose (2:56)
  10. The Price of Life (feat. Andy Mineo & Co Campbell) (4:00)
  11. Special (feat. Lester "L2" Shaw) (3:29)
  12. No Regrets (feat. Suzy Rock) (3:31)
  13. Gimme A Second (3:33)
  14. Long Time Coming (feat. Swoope) (3:17)
  15. Misconception (feat. Propaganda,Braille & Odd Thomas) (4:31)
  16. Spazz (3:24)
  17. Sacrifice (3:58)
  18. Rejects (feat. Christon Gray) (3:32)
Lecrae, Church Clothes

That's a level of confusion

by blackmarketmagic

Confused as to what there even is to "like" about "tom".
But hey - you're free to like whomever you want.
You're also free to presume that my message of genuine pain was "not" genuine...
The truth is, it was genuine. The fact that I might make other types of comments on here while ALSO BEING in genuine sorrow and pain does not diminish the sincerity of that pain.
Even when I'm hopelessly depressed, there are a bunch of things my brain still continues to do: make music, write stories, think of science, do art/sculpture, depression does not seem to hinder those parts of my brain from doing those things

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Reach Records Free from It All (feat. Mathai)
Digital Music Track (Reach Records)
The Compliation Album: Screwed & Chopped (Special Edition) - 116 Clique (116 Anthem - Json / 116 Intro - Tedashii, Lecrae / in Ya Hood - Tedashii, Trip Lee / Church Boys - Thi'sl / Fanatics - Lecrae / My Self - Lecrae / Love Song - Lecrae / Breathe in Breathe Out - Lecrae / Impressed - Tedashii / Act Out - Thi'sl / Fanatics Reggaeton - Lecrae / Streets - Lecrae, Bj, Tedashii / Stand up - Lecrae / Kingdom People - Tedashii / Crossover Remix - Lecrae / We Don't Freestyle - Trip Lee)
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