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"'Without You" is the second single from the American rock band Hinder's 2008 album. It was released as a digital download on September 23, 2008. A video has been made for the song. The "Without You" music video, features Kellan Lutz of "Twilight" and Aimee Teegarden of "Friday Night Lights". "I play the bad boyfriend, " Lutz told MTV. "Aimee is the sweet cheerleader girl ... who shouldn't be with me. I lead her life on the wrong track until she gets rid of me, and her life finally goes to where it should go. She graduates high school, while I am left in the dust."

Music Video[edit]

A teenage girl (Aimee Teegarden) sees her boyfriend flirting with another girl (The Vampire Diaries actress Kayla Ewell). The girl scowls and turns her head away. Later the girl starts fighting with her boyfriend. He puts his arms up and walks away. The girl's face is red with tears, they seemed to have broken up. The next scene shows the girl in a classroom as papers are being handed out, the girl gets a D on the paper. The next scene shows the boy as he runs into two jocks. The jocks push him and then he starts fighting with them. A teacher breaks the fight up and sends them to the principals office. The next scene is the girl is hanging out with two friends and laughing, the girl passes the office and sees her ex sitting in a chair, with the two jocks apparently not in the scene. She turns her head and walks on. In the ending scene the girl is graduating leaving the boy behind.

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That's a level of confusion

by blackmarketmagic

Confused as to what there even is to "like" about "tom".
But hey - you're free to like whomever you want.
You're also free to presume that my message of genuine pain was "not" genuine...
The truth is, it was genuine. The fact that I might make other types of comments on here while ALSO BEING in genuine sorrow and pain does not diminish the sincerity of that pain.
Even when I'm hopelessly depressed, there are a bunch of things my brain still continues to do: make music, write stories, think of science, do art/sculpture,etc.....my depression does not seem to hinder those parts of my brain from doing those things

Hinder offers up more of the same for Winnipeg fans; Local heroes Inward Eye highlight of show as Olkahoma main act repeat earlier show.(Music - Reviews): An article from: Winnipeg Free Press
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