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There are basically two main reasons you are able to find free MP3 music downloads so easily. The first one is because a lot of musicians find it very difficult to get into the music business. Often times when you go through a big record label companies, they will try to mold and groom you into something they want you to be.

These days more and more people are refusing to change their image to please a record label. They therefore set out to make things happen on their own. Setting out to do things on your own can sometimes be extremely difficult. That’s why many up and coming musicians will use free MP3 music downloads to help get their music out.

Giving away free tracks is a great way to build a loyal following. If they like what they hear they will have no problem paying for your tracks later on down the road.

Another reason it is so easy to find free MP3 music downloads is because big record labels see the value in giving away a few free tracks right before an artist comes out with a new album. It let’s the fans hear a small sample of what’s soon to come. This allows them to hear before they buy. If they like what they hear they will be more likely to purchase other downloadable tracks from the album.

And to prove the point even more there have been several studies that show people buy an album after listening to it online.

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[free spiritual music dnld] Michael John Manning

by eternalbeinglikeu

My name is Michael Manning and I'm a singer/songwriter from Buffalo NY, recording musician and performer. You can find my music streaming on soundcloud @ as well as archived completely free on An available free download is a recent record I released called YOUth which is @
I was recently interviewed on WBNY (Buffalo's Original Alternative) For the Music Productions, and a copy of that interview can be found here:

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