Traditional folk music

Going strong since 1978. 2013 — our 35th Year!!

On the first Saturday of each month, somewhere between 20 and 70
folk musicians and singers gather in a circle at our club
to make that magic combination of music and words —
traditional folk music.

May the circle be unbroken.

The Santa Monica Traditional Folk Music Club invites you to join us
for a sing—along/a hoot/a jam!
Bring a friend!
Bring a song!
Bring an instrument!
Song circle!
Children welcome!

$5.00 donation at the door, or admission with membership.

meets the first Saturday of each month, 6:30 pm to 11:00 pm

We meet at Sha’Arei Am (the Santa Monica Synagogue)
1448 18th Street (corner of Broadway and 18th Street),
Santa Monica, California, 90404 (click here for map)

The temple is on the corner of 18th and Broadway at 1448 18th Street, SM.
It doesn’t look like a temple–just a small two-story building.
There’s a big parking lot in back. Park there and enter through that back entrance.

$5 at the door, if you can afford it.

This is Our 36th Year!!!

MONTHLY THEMES FOR 2014 ~ many thanks to Janet Cornwell

~ the following song themes are only suggestions to get your musical juices flowing ~

  • Time (hours, days, years, etc.) [New Year's Day]
  • Freedom and Justice [Martin Luther King Day, Jan. 20]
  • International songs [First UN meetings, Jan 6, 1946]

1440 Harvard Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404 AND OUR MEETING TIME (for this one meeting) is 5pm-9pm. Parking at this venue is very limited, so please read street signs, consider carpooling and be prepared to park a block or two away.

  • Winter sports [Winter Olympics Feb 7-23]
  • Young love [Valentine's Day Feb 14]
  • Books, printing [Johannes Gutenberg died Feb 3, 1468]
  • Birthdays, of course
  • Madness [March hare]
  • Ailments, medicine [National Doctors’ Day, March 30]
  • Parties, parades [Mardi Gras, March 4]
  • Funny songs [Humor Month]
  • Tall tales, boasts [No Particular Reason]
  • Insects [No Particular Reason]
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That's kind of like saying you want

by to_build

A boat and asking "what makes a good boat?" without even specifying whether it will be motorized or sail powered or what you intend to use it for.
"Guitar" could means anything from an acoustic used to play classical or traditional folk music, to a solid body electric used to play heavy distorted rock or experimental noise- along with all kinds of variations and hybrids of the two types in between.

South African Band Kongos Make "Folk Music With Nuts"  —
The accordion is ubiquitous everywhere in traditional folk music.

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