Spanish folk music

Folk Music of Spain

Most Scholars agree that Spanish Folk music is the richest in the world. The most familiar type to non-natives is from the region of Andalusia. This type of music was greatly influences by the integration of aspects of Byzantine chant, the Moselum occupation of Spain, and the immigration of gypsies into Andalusia.

Photo courtesy of Paco Sánchez

There are two major types of music associated with this region. The first type is cante jondo. This type of music is very difficult to translate this song into western music notation because of its use of portamento (the voice glides from one note to the next, hitting on all the intermediate pitches.) The cante jondo is known for its use of a limited range of a sixth, however, because the melodies do not have the fixed intervals of most western music, it includes many more pitches than normally considered. The cante jondo is most obsessed with the repetition of a single note, thus the use of ornate melodic embellishment is applied. This music employs a free rhythm, accentuated by hand clapping and the shouting of conventional phrases. The cante jondo is normally accompanied by guitar which also plays the falsetas, or instrumental interlude.

The second type of music found is cando flamenco. Though flamenco is primarily thought of as a dance, it is not necessarily. Flamenco can be sung with or without accompaniment, for solo instruments, or a dance accompanied by instruments, singing of both. The text and melody of Flamenco songs are improvised within specified structures. The structure comes in three forms, hondo, intermedio, and pequeño. These forms range from songs of great intensity, displaying tragedy and emotion to light songs of love and joy.

photo courtesy of Paco Sánchez

This is an interesting site which discusses the origins of the Spanish Bagpipes.

This is a good link site for anyone interested in playing flamenco.

This site is available in both English and Spanish and has an incredible selection of information on Flamenco. I am also including a direct link to Flamenco World's

A few suggestions...

by Funeral_DJ

First of all, get this record:
all the songs on there are gorgeous Scottish folk classics, and these two guys perform them beuatifully. If you cant find it or order it in itme for the wake, try getting a Clannad album. If you go to the Irish gift shop on Geary @ Stanyan, you can find plenty of traditional Scots and Irish bagpipe music.

Puffin De Colores and Other Latin American Folksongs for Children (Anthology) (Spanish Edition)
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Footloose: Dance Forms From Around The World  — NDTV
Flamenco is a form of Spanish folk music and dance from southern Spain. Sweat it out on the dance floor by tapping, turning and swishing! This beautiful flamenco performance will make you tap your own feet! April 28, 2014 2:05.

For Nona, Flamenco is more than music; it is life  —
TAMPA — You're not going to see a lot of Flamenco dancers rocking out at area proms. Nona — she goes simply by one name — specializes in the unique art of Flamenco dancing, and takes it seriously. Flamenco, as a style, is a form of Spanish folk music.

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