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This fairly new Indie Folk / Neo Folk genre (where old timey sounds are new again) has been enjoying quite a lovely time at the top. With bands like Beirut, The Decemberists, Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers pioneering the way I’m sure there is plenty more of this sound on its way. Here are a few bands that we’ve come across while on the Indie Folk trail.

The Last Bison is a seven piece act led by Ben Hardesty. With all these members an instruments to choose from (including a Cello a Violin, a Banjo and a few guitars) it is easy to create an orchestra of folk sound. Self proclaimed as a Mountain-top Chamber or Alternative Folk band, The Last Bison has a lot of inspiration to pull from in their homestate of Virginia, but their latest single borrows from somewhere quite a distance further away. “Oh Switzerland, you’ve taken away my breath now, once again…”

Ivan & Alyosha are a four piece indie folk act from Seattle, Washington. “Running For Cover” is a solid honest sounding track with some strong sing-along melodies to accompany the locomotive-like percussion. Ivan & Alyosha have already released three EP’s but “Running For Cover” is a new single off of their highly anticipated debut full-length album entitled All The Times We Had. The album should hit stores later this month, but keep an eye on the Ivan & Alyosha website for more details and tour dates.

We first came across Kings at the Etsy Holiday Shop in New York. They’re a three piece band from Brooklyn with a foot-stopping sound and some tremendous harmony. “I Got Stuck” is the story of a lesbian wedding gone wrong.

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by instigator

Check out her history... this is from her label site:
Ani DiFranco's career as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist is proof positive that 'alternative rock' can mean much much more than a group of guys with electric guitars and a hefty record contract. In a culture where multinational corporations sing the praises of the 'indie' aesthetic, Ani has created a truly provocative means of producing music on her own terms and getting it to listeners. She has broken just about every rule of the music industry, and in the process has paved the way for other artists, emerging and established performers alike, seeking real alternatives to corporate control

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