Japanese Folk Music for Kids

Japanese folk music

Traditional Japanese music is the term used to describe historical Japanese folk music, or traditional music.

One of the characteristics of traditional Japanese music is a sparse rhythm. It also doesn’t have regular chords. In Japanese music, one cannot beat time with one’s hands because there is an interval ma (間?). The rhythms are based on ma; silence is important. Japanese music flows, in an attempt to reflect the feeling of nature. The tempo usually starts out very slow and gets faster, returns to being slow again, and has a drawn-out ending. Traditional Japanese music is influenced by Chinese music because some of the musical instruments used in it came from China.

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Unusual albums in your collection

by oneofeach

What is one or a couple of unusual or rare album in your collection that you particularly like? I don't necessarily mean a collectible, more like something that you somehow have that's...different than other stuff. A collection of Sufi music, a compilation of songs from mid-80s singer songwriters from Louisville, Belgian folk songs... something you found or ordered or were given that is unusual and good?
One of the things I have that I like is a collection released in Japan called Ry Cooder Classics. I thought it was a Ry Cooder collection (the liner notes are all in Japanese) but it turned out to be something better - it's the originals of songs that Ry Cooder covered

Arc Music Japanese Folk Songs
Music (Arc Music)

Ancestors, community honored at Watsonville's annual Obon Festival  — Santa Cruz Sentinel
Julie Nagamine watched as her 6-year-old daughter and her young cousins took part in the elaborate dances, whose members' hands moved in an unending stream of delicate motion up, down, twisting fans and clapping to traditional Japanese folk music.

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Hal Leonard Japanese Folk Songs Collection: 24 Traditional Folk Songs for Intermediate Level Piano Solo
Book (Hal Leonard)
MusicVenture The Fisherman (Japanese Folk Song)
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Teen Games Japanese Koto
Mobile Application (Teen Games)
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