Of Greek Folk Musical

Greek folk Musical

The folk music (or dhimotika) of Greece represents a unique fusion of Eastern and Western styles and influences. The majority of older songs bear the influence of Eastern modes (dhromi or makamia) that are either Turkish or Iranian in origin, with the dance music of mainland Greece's koumpania group - as well as the folk music of Macedonia and Thrace - retaining their modal background. The music of the Epirus region is heavily influenced by the nearby Albania and Macedonia areas, and can be divided into three distinct forms - dance songs, drinking songs and laments, or miroloyia. The Pelopennese and central mainland regions are home to strains of music similar to those found in the Epirus area; chief among them is palea dhimotika, a traditional folk ballad sung to dance rhythms. The liveliest musical culture among the Greek islands is found on Crete, where the music is highly syncopated (ideal for dancing), performed by an ensemble typically comprised of a lira player and one or two laouto players.

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Wanna know what the word, "folklore" means?

by phylum

1846, coined by antiquarian William J. Thoms (1803-85) as an Anglo-Saxonism (replacing popular antiquaries) and first published in the "Athenaeum" of Aug. 22, 1846, from folk + lore. This word revived folk in a modern sense of "of the common people, whose culture is handed down orally," and opened up a flood of compound formations, eg. folk art (1921), folk-hero (1899), folk-medicine (1898), folk-tale (1891), folk-song (1847), folk-dance (1912). Folk-music is from 1889; in reference to the branch of modern popular music (originally associated with Greenwich Village in New York City) it dates from 1958.

CreateSpace Authentic Greek Folk Songs And Dances (Digitally Remastered)
Music (CreateSpace)

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Greek Folk Musical Instruments. 2000. Hardcover. Text in English and Greek.

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Popular Q&A

What is the difference between American folk music and greek folk music

The strongest difference is the musical instruments, Greek folk has bouzouki ( an instrument that I do not know if exists in any other country) and the lyrics are also different, they have different meanings Anyway, it's difficult to tell the differences without hear them both.

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