Chinese folk music on 2007

Chinese folk music

The traditional music of China can sound strange, even daunting, to Western ears. In our multicultural society, where we can pick up the music of all five continents in any good record store, Chinese folk music and song remain mysterious to most of us. Modern technology, as Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980) observed, is turning Earth into a global village. In a world where international communication is instant, where international travel is a matter of minor inconvenience, and where communities migrate and settle in countries thousands of miles from their native lands, we have had to rethink the meaning of words like "foreign" and "exotic." Chinese food has become as American as apple pie, so why not Chinese music?

Most people are not aware that many different ethnic minorities are found in China, in addition to the majority Han Chinese, who make up 92 percent of the population. The rich diversity of these minority cultures' music is staggering, so this article will focus exclusively on the music of the Han Chinese.

One difficulty for many Westerners to grasp is the language. Chinese vowels can curve, elongate, and rise and fall with tonalities that western languages simply do not have. Chinese consonants can also be difficult for western ears to recognize, and even more difficult to reproduce. The rhythms of spoken Chinese are hard for Westerners to understand, and the rhythms of Chinese song, which sets spoken Chinese to music, have a subtlety that to many can be elusive. Chinese songs are traditionally sung either in a thin, nonresonant voice, or in falsetto, and are usually sung solo rather than in harmonized chorus-most traditional Chinese music is melodic rather than harmonic.

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I liked Jesus rock/folk/early praise music

by lesbian4faith

But then it all started sounding like Christian Pop. Formula like. My church does some, and origional music by parishoners (many styles including cantered psalms). We do a lot of international/ethnic music; African, native american, Chinese, gospel, Tazae, shape note, traditional hymns--a real mix-and I like that!

Fond farewell to Sir Keith in Beijing and Hangzhou  — Imperial College London
Some had attended the Zhejiang University (ZJU) - Imperial Big Data conference earlier in the day, including ZJU's Executive Vice President Professor Yonghua Song, while ZJU's Wenqin Troupe entertained the crowd with a Chinese folk music recital.

David Aaron Carpenter and Salomé Chamber Orchestra soloists launch new ..  — Classical Music
.. for a programme spanning Rachmaninov, Weill, Chopin and Milhaud, from pianist Lara Downes on 25 March. On 27 May, Avi Avital on mandolin and violinist Ray Chen fuse east and west in a programme of Bach, Chinese folk music and Jewish klezmer.

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