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Ask Led Zeppelin

by soupy

They were heavily influenced by British folk music too, for instance their "Black Mountainside" was almost a note for note rip off of Bert Jansch's "Blackwaterside", which is an Irish traditional. They also have elements of bluegrass in their music. And I can think of Zep songs that have both Euro-classical and Eastern harmonies in them.
The rockers of the early 70's were heavily blues influenced, but also used a lot of eastern scales and classical harmony. Especially heavy rockers like Black Sabbath etc. The pentatonic scale, which is most asscociated with the blues, has its roots in early Chinese and Japanese music, which is totally seperate from the blues used cars

Chandos British Folk Songs
Music (Chandos)

VIDEO: Zepparella: Stairway leads back to Poughkeepsie  — Poughkeepsie Journal
Led Zeppelin, according to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, "redefined rock in the seventies and for all time," by "combining the visceral power and intensity of hard rock with the finesse and delicacy of British folk music. ..

University of Illinois Press Roots of the Revival: American and British Folk Music in the 1950s (Music in American Life)
Book (University of Illinois Press)
Hip-O Records American Folk-Blues Festival: The British Tours 1963-1966 [DVD]
DVD (Hip-O Records)
  • Recorded live for TV broadcast throughout Britain, these historic performances have been unseen for nearly 40 years. Filmed with superb camera work and pristine...
Warner Classics Folk Songs Of The British Isles
Digital Music Album (Warner Classics)
Ashgate Pub Ltd The British Folk Revival: 1944-2002 (Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series) (Ashgate Popular and Folk Music Series)
Book (Ashgate Pub Ltd)

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I'm with you 100 percent. I just got turned onto you put in an artist or song. I like Conway and they play music like that music, so willie will get you jerry jeff walker, waylon, paycheck, and it's free. I also think that Taylor and Toby are big starts. Still don't beat George Strait

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