Anti-folk music

Anti folk music

Anti-Folk stood in direct contrast to the warmhearted traditions of folk music - at least, what was perceived to be the traditions of the folk of the '50s and '60s. The songwriters and performers in the anti-folk movement were raised on punk, inspired by its raw, direct power. They had that same vibe, the same desire to shock and protest - the only difference was, they did it with just an acoustic guitar and blistering, intelligent lyrics. Such singer/songwriters as Roger Manning and Billy Bragg brought the genre attention in the '80s. Often, anti-folk seemed forever tied to the '80s, since much of it was protest about Reagan and Thatcher, but it managed to survive since artists like Ani DiFranco found ways to keep its spirit alive in the '90s.

Gay Dancers needed for Music Video!!

by cheeseonbread

My band, Cheese On Bread ( is going to shoot our first music video on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 6, from 1pm-4pm in an apartment in Spanish Harlem. We need DANCERS (especially gay boys) for a dance-club scene! We're totally non-sleezy, wholesome kids from the anti-folk scene. (
You can check out the song at (
We're shooting the video in conjunction with ITTV, a sketch comedy cable access show ( -- if you dance in the video, you'll be on TV, and the clip will be available online too!
If you're interested, email me and I'll send you the details!!!!

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Courtesy of Roseanne Cash  — Huntington Herald Dispatch
Watson has gravitated to the storytelling side of music.

Charlie Parr performs blues, spirituals at Green Frog  — Bellingham Herald
With his long scraggly hair, Father Time beard, thrift-store workingman's flannel and jeans, and his emphatic, throaty voice, Parr looks and sounds like he would have fit right into Harry Smith's "Anthology of American Folk Music." Cover: $10.

Reissue CDs Weekly: Troubadours - Folk and the Roots of American Music  — The Arts Desk
.. almost the time required to listen to the set.

Oat Productions, Berkeley CA The Oak, Ash & Thorn Drink-Along Song Book (Being a Collection of Popular Songs for Divers Occasions)
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Anti/Epitaph The Ash & Clay
Digital Music Track (Anti/Epitaph)
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