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Best store in Austin. New & used CDs, cassettes and vinyl. Will accept checks and money orders for mail-order by phoning the store. Great return policy for retail sales - bring any CD back for any reason within 10 days for store credit (with receipt) ... even if you just don't like it. In-store performances to celebrate new releases - this is where the big names come to play. On-line sales, too.

San Marcos mail-order business run by super nice-guy Chad Raney. "The unofficial capital of Texas music on the World Wide Web." The online store features more than 500 artists and some 5, 000 song samples.

Your Texas Music is dedicated to Texas music of any stripe. We like non-major label artists. We’re really fans of undiscovered, struggling artists, working their way along and paying their dues. We’re also fans of people who have paid their dues, but for one reason or another never gained admission to major label stardom. is an online distributor and internet radio for independent recording artists. We're based in Houston and feature quite a few country artists. donates 10% of its net profits to charity. Our goal is to someday contribute at least 30%.

Village Records, the largest new & used retail store in Shawnee, Kansas, now offers their wares on-line. They say, "This music is hard to define. It's called all kinds of things, Roots, Americana, Alt-country, Folkrock, folkcountry and so on. If we put too permanent a label on it, it might get ruined. So call it what you like, just call us when you want it."

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Don't know about Music Together

by GrapeApe

But I've been playing the guitar for my children since birth. Soon as I would pick it up their eyes would light with excitement. I miss those days of memorizing a nine month old baby with simple melodies.
My oldest son’s favorite song was Beatles' "Here Comes the Son". Our home is full of American/folk, roots rock, celtic, indie, and "alternative country" music. They listen to what we play/listen to.

Legacy Roots Of Country Music
Music (Legacy)

The Bands of MusicFest  — Boone Mountain Times
.. already impressive musical skills to new heights.

At The Cradle Of Country Music, A Monument You Can Hear As Well As See  — NPR
"Appalachian music is community-based music," he says. "The roots of country music and where country music came from is really the Appalachian Mountains and that area around Bristol.

Louisiana State Univ Pr In Tune: Charley Patton, Jimmie Rodgers, and the Roots of American Music
Book (Louisiana State Univ Pr)
The Rhythm of My Soul: Kentucky Roots Music
Vintage Books / Random House In the Country of Country: A Journey to the Roots of American Music
Book (Vintage Books / Random House)
Palm Pictures / Umvd American Roots Music [DVD]
DVD (Palm Pictures / Umvd)

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