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Outlaw Country was one of the more significant trends in country music in the '70s. During that decade, many of the most popular hardcore country singers of the '60s - from George Jones to Merle Haggard - softened their sound slightly, moving away from their honky tonk roots. While the outlaws weren't strictly honky tonk - they were as much storytellers in the tradition of folk songwriters as they were honky tonk vocalists - they kept that spirit alive. Outlaws didn't play by Nashville's rules. They didn't change their music to fit the heavily produced, pop-oriented Nashville sound, nor did they go out of their way to fit into the accepted conventions of country music. Instead, they created an edgy form of hardcore country that was influenced by rock & roll, folk, and blues. Ironically, two of the leading figures of the movement - Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson - had their roots in the music industry, but by the time they came into their own as recording artists in the mid-'70s, they had developed a unique, defiant way of performing. Several other musicians - including David Allan Coe, Billy Joe Shaver, and Tompall Glaser - followed in their footsteps, and the outlaws were quite popular for a period of three to four years. At the end of the '70s, the urban cowboy movement easily eclipsed the outlaw movement in terms of commercial appeal, but the outlaws had a lasting influence. During the '80s, certain neo-traditionalists owed a bit of their sound to the outlaws, while a whole breed of songwriters, led by Steve Earle, demonstrated a massive debt to the outlaws and their fusion of country, folk, and rock.

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"What's your favorite song?"

by I-am-green

Oh, um... country? classical? blues? rock? pop? alternative rock? etc etc etc
How the heck does one choose A song from so many different types??? and even then... pop country or outlaw country or classic country? Classic rock, modern rock? CLassical from which era?
and I could go on forever
music, movies, tv shows, artists....

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Newport Folk Festival, NewportFILM present documentaries about folk luminaries  — The Providence Journal
Friday's film is “Heartworn Highways Revisited,” a sequel to the original “Heartworn Highways,” which focused on the Outlaw Country music of the mid-'70s. The original looked at artists such as Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle and David Allan Coe.

Loosen your belt for the eats & treats at Buckle Up Music Festival: wine me ..  — WCPO
If you're heading to or from Buckle Up--and want to keep up that country vibe--head to Bakersfield or The Eagle in Over-the-Rhine for some outlaw country music and tacos (Bakersfield) or classic country and fried chicken (The Eagle). It's walking distance.

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Q&A with indie musician Joseph Lekkas  — Cecil Whig
I like a lot of outlaw country music and Texas troubadours. I also like atmospheric indie rock. My music is kind of a marriage of both. What do you enjoy about songwriting? Being able to translate my thoughts and feelings into song.

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What country singer is a member of the outlaw mc?

Waylon Jennings

Where did my outlaw country music go?

where did the steele guitar go? and is Tyler swift and toby keith stars? lol

I'm with you 100 percent. I just got turned onto you put in an artist or song. I like Conway and they play music like that music, so willie will get you jerry jeff walker, waylon, paycheck, and it's free. I also think that Taylor and Toby are big starts. Still don't beat George Strait

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