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The Ranchhands The Ranchhands are a "new country" band formed around the performing team of Chris Tedesco and Mickey Kennedy. They are backed by top musicians from across the US and tour as a full band throughout the US and Europe.

Keeping true to the roots of classic country style,combined with a modern Nashville production and refreshing original songs,The Ranchhands' sound IS new country. The Ranchhands are known throughout the US and Europe for their high-energy performances,musicianship,and professionalism both on and off stage.

The band has performed over 900 concerts since 2003,touring in 17 countries and 45 states. They were the first American country music band to perform in Albania (3 concerts),and Bosnia (1 concert) in 2008. Bandleader Chris Tedesco (fiddle/acoustic guitar/songwriter) has been nominated twice for International Musician of the Year in France.

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I don't believe this post shows racism as much as it shows a preference for jazz over rap. Fair enough, it's a free country. Imagine a similar post with a transcript from Beethoven, and one from Hank Williams. The poster would not be accused of racism, but expressing a preference between two different types of music. By the way, as everybody knows, both types of music are 'good' and equally valid. (Intellectual/serious vs. folk/pop).
However, I don't agree with the poster in this respect: John Coltrane is unarguably the greater artist, but Lil' Wayne is likely more popular now than Coltrane was during his lifetime
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Driven by their love of country music, country festivals, and what they consider country-lifestyle values, the brothers say there is a major opportunity to provide modern country music fans with a new style of clothing. “Fans rule the country scene and ..

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Commenting on modern country music trends, Allan said he can't think of any of his songs that mention either a tractor or a pick-up truck. “I haven't got any of that pick-up or tractor money,” he chuckled.

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