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Country music for Kids

Country music artists have long been famous for ballads about everyday life, but many also focus on families and the joy that comes with raising children.Country music artists are known for their raw take on life's problems, such as love, heartbreak, loss, death and misery. But a smaller number of songs deal with other aspects of everyday life - raising children - putting both the good and the bad into perspective.

Country musicians have penned songs about everything from bedtime stories and sharing a bed with the kids to their children's first love and a father's desperate attempt to hold onto his little girl.

The stories are often based on real life events, such as Rodney Atkins song, which was written about the singer's son Elijah. The song talks about Atkins' realization that his son wants to be just like him and has even picked up some of the star's less-than-positive qualities.

Whether they're happy, funny or sentimental, country music songs are always realistic and make us reflect on the difficult but completely rewarding job of parenting.

Great Emotional Country Ballads About Kids

Country musicians have a way of capturing the most heartfelt and special moments in the lives of children. The following is a list of some of the best reflective and sentimental songs about kids.

  • Jim Witter - Stolen Moments
  • Oak Ridge Boys - Thank God For Kids
  • Martina McBride - In My Daughter's Eyes
  • Martina McBride - Blessed
  • Tim McGraw - My Little Girl
  • Billy Dean - Let Them Be Little

Humbling Country Tunes About Children

Some country music songs are so true to life we can't help but laugh and remember the times our kids coloured on the walls, put bubble gum in their sibling's hair or copied one of our bad habits.

The following songs will help any parent see the lighter side of child-rearing.

  • Lonestar - Mr. Mom
  • Rodney Atkins - Watching You
  • Kenny Rogers - The Greatest

Country Songs About Children Growing Up

Watching children grow up can sometimes make parents wish for one more day to rock that little one to sleep or read a favourite bedtime story. These next songs talk about growing up and remind parents to always treasure the time they have with their little ones.

  • Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses
  • Billy Ray Cyrus - Ready Set Don't Go
  • Heartland - I Loved Her First
  • Gary Allan - Tough Little Boys
  • Trace Adkins - You're Gonna Miss This
  • Carrie Underwood - All-American Girl
  • Rodney Atkins - Cleaning This Gun (Come on in Boy)
  • Chuck Wicks - Stealing Cinderella
  • Trace Adkins - Then They Do
  • Kenny Chesney - There Goes My Life
The ups and downs of raising children continue to inspire warm and loving country music songs. Raising children can be a tiring and thankless task, but a few good country ballads from others who share your experiences can help lighten your mood and maybe even get you through the toughest parenting situations.
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Getting kids interested in music at a young age

by Click-Clack

Improves their chances of doing "meaningful" music as they get older. DS was in the band for 7 years and plays 3 instruments. DD plays 3 instruments and sings. Both are excellent students. Neither would have known these opportunities in music exist if it hadn't been introduced to them in the schools.
I am grateful our district is one of the best in the country for promoting music in the schools, I wish I'd had the opportunities my kids have had.

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