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Roxy Music’s fourth album, Country Life, was released in November 1974. The cover, credited to Bryan Ferry and Nick DeVille, was shot in Portugal where Ferry was working on lyrics for the album during a recording break. He had an LP title in mind, Country Life, the name of a long established weekly magazine for the landed gentry. Each issue features a demure image of one of the daughters of the aristocracy as a frontispiece, and Ferry liked the idea of trying to subvert this by using a more overtly soft-core girly-calendar image, inspired apparently by a photo he had seen in an issue of Men Only magazine

Roxy_Music-Country_LifeFerry arranged for stylist Anthony Price and photographer Eric Boman to fly out, and they were all sat in a small bar one evening when two striking looking young German women, Eveline Grunwald and Constanze Karoli walked in. Of all gin joints in all the towns in all the world they walked into that Portuguese bar where Ferry and his friends were having a couple of drinks at the beginning of their vacation: “These two Valkyries, ” Anthony Price recalls. “That’s the only way to describe them. Constanze and Eveline … I remember we went on boat rides, sailing through these sea caves, and Constanze, the one on the right, with her massive shoulders, was sitting in the front of the boat, she looked like the figurehead on this boat. I was stoned off my tits! She was an incredible creature.” Everyone realised that they were perfect for the assignment. The Valkyries were on vacation as well. They were staying in a summerhouse owned by Eveline Grünwald’s parents. The love in Eveline’s life was Can man Michael Karoli, and Constanze Karoli was cousin to the now deceased guitarist. They had already met Roxy Music’s press officer Simon Puxley who also worked for Can. When Eveline and Constanze showed up at the place – unbeknownst of Ferry’s presence there – to say hello to their friend who owned the bar, they were actually bringing along Roxy Music records

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Roxy Music's best

by edo152

Unfortunately, due to my age, I was around when Roxy Music released their first albums. They were a revelation. A kind of Glam Rock for your head. The first two albums were/are sensational. Everything else followed a pattern after that and Country Life has to be one of the worst. Stranded is unusual, but the first two are perilously close to genius.

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Bluegrass, country music festival at Cape Tormentine this weekend  — Sackville Tribune Post
Sun, sand and live music will come together for a wonderful holiday weekend at the Bluegrass and Country Music Festival in Cape Tormentine this Friday through Sunday. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Port Elgin, 2014 marks the 16th year for the festival.

Listen To This: Peace Train, Holy Roller!  —
It's so melodic and beautifully arranged and harmonized! You will be singing along before the song is ever! Check out Blue Smoke above! Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Dolly Parton! Tags: bluegrass, country music, dolly parton, listen to this.

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Bryan Ferry Roxy Music Signed Framed 11x14 CD & Photo Display Country Life
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