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Catalina Island Country Club’s Summer Music Series is In Full Swing Every Thursday Featuring Award-Winning Musicians

AVALON, Catalina Island, Calif. - Visitors to Santa Catalina Island can enjoy live music by top-notch musical artists every Thursday through September 2 during the Catalina Island Country Club Summer Music Series. The music starts at 7:00 p.m., when visitors can relax while in an idyllic setting. While taking in the calming Island atmosphere, visitors can listen to:

· Kevin Flournoy, July 22 – Kevin Flournoy has produced, written, performed, and recorded with many artists including Gladys Knight, Dionne Warwick, Donny Osmond, The Pointer Sisters, Hillary Duff, Jamie Foxx, The Jazz Crusaders, Boney James, Kirk Whalum, Mindi Abair, Harvey Mason, and Ronnie Laws. He has been involved in performing and providing music for several TV projects including American Idol.

· Jazzy Jeff, July 29 – DJ Jazzy Jeff teamed up with Will Smith (“The Fresh Prince”) in 1985 and a year later they released their first single, “Girl’s Ain’t Nothin But Trouble.” The single was the first hip-hop song to sample a TV show theme, “I Dream of Jeannie” and it soon began to chart. Other releases with Will followed—including the Rock The House album, which went Gold. The albums showed off Jeff’s famous invention of the “chirp scratch, in which Jeff would make the record sound like a bird. When Will began to focus on his movie career, Jeff branched out on his own. In 2004, Jazzy Jeff released his first official mix CD, Hip Hop Forever II. The album showcases Jeff’s trademark mixing skills and many underground and overlooked hip-hop classics.

· Patsy Meyer, August 5 – Three-time Emmy nominee Patsy Meyer is gifted with a potent voice and a contrasting style of smooth jazz that ranges from sultry to sizzling. She electrifies fans with a unique groove that blends soulful vocals, spicy percussion, and a vibrant stage persona. In Norfolk, a radio station called her “the most impressive vocalist and percussionist to emerge since Sheila E. hit the charts." In Louisville, a reviewer wrote, “She could sing the telephone directory and make it sound lovely.”

Music and Money, blah, blah, blah

by imnothearingit

Lately it seems you can't go to a musicians forum or website without reading opinion after opinion about how musicians don't make enough money, clubs owners don't want to pay, or they're taking the cheap way out and hiring DJ's and Karaoke hosts instead of garage bands, or how we should all "band" together and refuse to play clubs for less than an acceptable fee, (The idea apparently being that this will force club owners to pay ALL second rate musicians and garage bands more?).

I've jammed with a sh*tload of musicians over the past 30+ years. It's been my experience that the ones who I would classify as true "artists," those who possessed any creativity, originality, emotion, passion, feeling, and soul, were usually not too worried about how much people were willing to pay to listen to them express themselves through their music

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Bluegrass, country music festival at Cape Tormentine this weekend  — Sackville Tribune Post
Sun, sand and live music will come together for a wonderful holiday weekend at the Bluegrass and Country Music Festival in Cape Tormentine this Friday through Sunday. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Port Elgin, 2014 marks the 16th year for the festival.

Listen To This: Peace Train, Holy Roller!  —
It's so melodic and beautifully arranged and harmonized! You will be singing along before the song is ever! Check out Blue Smoke above! Then CLICK HERE to listen to more music from Dolly Parton! Tags: bluegrass, country music, dolly parton, listen to this.

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