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On March 10, 1990, my mother was in the stands at the Polo Club of Boca Raton for the semifinals of the Virginia Slims of Florida Women’s Tennis Tournament. Sitting directly behind her was the New Age composer Yanni and his girlfriend at the time, Dynasty actress Linda Evans. Jennifer Capriati was making her professional tennis debut at age thirteen. I was on the court, too: an eleven year old ball boy who was convinced that at some point in the match, in the process of asking for a tennis ball, Capriati was going to fall in love with me. Somewhere in the parking lot was my mother’s white 1989 Toyota Cressida, the name derived from a Trojan woman who defects to the side of the Greeks. When I think of the car, I immediately think of Yanni’s Chameleon Days, the album she played over and over. For the ninth straight month, the unemployment rate in America was 5.3 percent.


Yanni is the musician most emblematic of America in the 1990s. He speaks to that time more than Nirvana or the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who both catered to an inchoate sense of rebellion; more than Biggie or Tupac, who had more impact on the 2000s than they did the ’90s; more than Pavement or the Pixies, whose resonance will always be limited to a certain kind of intellectual rock fan. A Greek immigrant who claims to be self-taught, Yanni began playing in rock bands while at the University of Minnesota, then moved to Los Angeles, became friends with fellow New Age musician John Tesh, and was soon self-producing albums of instrumental music bursting with unbridled optimism. Beginning with 1986’s Keys to Imagination, he released an album a year, culminating with 1990’s Reflections of Passion, which went double-platinum. Unlike Tesh, whose NBA TV theme “Roundball Rock” hides a playful wink behind its exuberance, Yanni has never produced anything tongue-in-cheek.


Jackie Evancho & Yanni are my favorites.

by thewhitegranny

On pbs or scetv.org I first seen this gal. She is WOW! Such a beautiful 10 year old with a voice like an angel! So engaging! I'm saving for the DVD & CD I enjoy it sooo much!!
My other favorite is Yanni. I love watching Tribute & Live at the Acropolis on DVD and his other music albums I have most on CD. I have only seen him live once and he wasn't as good (to me anyway), but everything else is supurb.
Hope you enjoy my choices for classical. I also love Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and others. I love piano, but the violin is my fav. Hope this helps.

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Sale of Paper in Venezuela Raises Fears on Freedom  — New York Times
The new owners appointed as president of El Universal a Venezuelan businessman, Jesús Abreu, the brother of José Antonio Abreu, the founder of a well-known classical music program for poor youths called El Sistema.

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