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Soothing Classical Music

Ah, bedtime. The kids' teeth are brushed; their pj's are on; the book has been read, and then read again. They have been kissed goodnight. At which point begins THE BIG STALL. "I'm hungry"; "I'm thirsty"; "I need to go to the bathroom"; "I need to call my broker"; etc.
Dead Euro-composers to the rescue! It's a moment that calls for some music, something that will calm, edify, enthrall, engage, distract and transport the little darlings to sleepy-land, so that the adults might move off to an appropriately distant room and watch Game of Thrones.

The criteria for the most effective bedtime music are as follows. One: the music should have a steady beat. Two: the music should have a steady harmonic rhythm (meaning that the chords - the harmonies - change with a high degree of regularity). Three: the music should not include voices. Voices (and the words being sung by voices) grab and hold our attention in a manner not conducive to snoozing. Four: Generally speaking, it is best to steer clear of works for orchestra because of their greater dynamic range (meaning extremes of loud and soft) and conversely, better to stick to works for solo keyboard or chamber music.

So here is a starter list of ten works that will sooth our babies while inculcating their ears and minds with music of lasting worth. In chronological order:

1. Johann Sebastian Bach, Suites for Solo Cello. A "suite" is a collection of dances. Bach composed six such "collections" for solo 'cello between 1717 and 1723. They constitute the bedrock of the '3. cello repertoire: the most frequently played solo works ever composed for the 'cello. Recommended recording: Janos Starker, on Mercury.

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Great 60 Minutes piece tonight on Thomas Kinkade. I knew the man ran an enormous business, but I had no idea just *how* enormous. It's amazing! There's Thomas Kinkade furniture, Thomas Kinkade CD's, even a Thomas Kinkade subdivision with idyllic little Thomas Kinkade "cottages!" There are also well attended Thomas Kinkade parties with hundreds of his fans being serenaded by soothing classical music, of which Thomas Kinkade would surely approve. They also showed one couple who have purchased ~135 of his paintings at a cost of $150,000 and covered every wall of their house with them. Too f

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There is no sitter required and mums get to enjoy a low impact toning work out while baby gets to experience all of your movements, rocking motions, soothing classical music and time close to you.' 'It's a wonderful way for mothers to spend time with ..

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