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UPDATE – Although a couple of my posts on this blog have gone viral, I consistently get the most hits from this one page. I just wanted to say thank you for everyone stopping by; whether you are discovering house music for the first time, or re-visiting old memories of vinyl spinning days gone by. You’re welcome to leave a comment below. If you want to learn more about the history of house music, go here. I try my best to update this page, but if a link isn’t working, feel free to comment or email me. Thanks again, and keep the love alive.

Let’s all go back, wayyyy back. Back to a time when you lined up late at night to get into a dark, dingy warehouse. Back to a time when the dancefloor is crowded with smoke, people and sweat, and the dust and dirt are kicked up by people thrown into an uncontrollable frenzy by the deep bass and soulful vocals blasted through the subwoofers.

1. Aly Us – Follow Me
Let’s start this set off with something with a standard 4:4 beat and a neat, standard bass line. A very minimal piano riff that comes in… it’s a great introductory house track, the lyrics really encompass what house music is; a vibe of unity, regardless of race, sexuality, and a rejection of conflict or war. It’s pure positivity here with roots of gospel and 100% soul.

2. KC Flightt – Voices (Out Of Reach WONKA REMIX)
Here’s another classic house track dripping with soul and a slightly tribal vibe. Fantastic to hear to this day, it epitomizes what classic house should sound like.

3. Jinny – Keep Warm
Another tune that stays fresh after all these years, with a snappy piano riff. Still remains a great way to warm up the dance floor at the start of the night.

4. South Street Players – (Who?) Keeps Changing Your Mind
Here is another beautiful classic house tune that’s got all the necessary ingredients – a fresh beat and beautiful soulful vocals.

5. LNR – Work It To The Bone
A simple bassline and vocal repeats and hypnotizes until you become a slave to the rhythm.

6. N-Joi – Anthem
Another classic tune. Beautiful vocals make this a beautiful track with snappy, determined piano chords. Timeless. Nuff said.

7. Ladycop – To Be Real
A re-mix cover of Cheryl Lyn‘s disco hit, this simply remains a big, rough tune. Guaranteed to rock the dance floor. Or your living room. Or your chair in your cubicle at work.

8. Inner City – Good Life
It’s kind of got a child-like innocence to it, and just so positive, that’s it’s impossible not to love.
“Let me take you to a place I know you want to go – It’s the good life!”

9. Hardrive – Deep Inside
This track remains one of my favourites, it’s dark, it’s intense and sweaty – everything a classic house track should be.

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