Greatest Classical Music

BHSO Who's Afraid “Who’s Afraid of Classical Music?”

MOZART Eine kleine Nachtmusik, K.525, 1st Movement
JOHANN PACHELBEL Canon in D, arr. Mohd Rasull
ANTONIO VIVALDI The Four Seasons: Spring
LUDWIG v. Beethoven Symphony No. 5 in C minor, 1st Movement
JOSEPH HAYDN Symphony No. 94, “Surprise”, 2nd Movement
PUCCINI ‘Nessun dorma’ from Turandot
JOHN ADAMS The Chairman Dances
SERGEI V. RACHMANINOFF Piano Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 18

Adrian Tan, conductor
Albert Tiu, piano
Wu Shuang, violin
Kee Loi Seng, tenor

‘Don’t be shy, we were all classical music virgins once!’ said Braddell Heights Symphony conductor Adrian Tan said as he introduced the evening’s concert. Unlike the Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s highly successful Baby Proms, aimed at toddlers and below, ‘Who’s Afraid of Classical Music’, advertised as a ‘step-by-step guide on listening to classical music’s greatest hits’, was pitched firmly at an adult audience. Tan introduced the music in an entertaining and engaging fashion before each performance, as the music turned from the Baroque to the Classical, through the Romantic and into the 20th century. Useful hints were dropped along the way – for example, if you hear a harpsichord, it’s likely to be Baroque music; if there’s more than one movement then usually you’d hold the applause, although the musicians will never complain.

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No, nothing is sacred

A few years ago, when Micheal Jackson first started selling Beatles songs to commercials there was this incredible uproar, especially after Revolution 1 was used for in a Nike ad. I was displeased about this until someone pointed out that the greatest Classical music had been used shamelessly by the crassest of TV ads. Mozart, Bach, Handel, Beethoven, et al have all been exploited for commercial purposes for years and nobody said a word.
Oh but a Lennon/McCartney song is used and the whole of society shudders.
I respect L/M as much as anybody but. as I am sure either would/would have agreed, they ain't no Bach or Mozart

BBC Proms Time  — San Francisco Classical Voice
It's here again, summer's longest and greatest classical-music event, the BBC Proms, July 18-Sept. 13. For a taste of the festival, here are highlights from the first days. Most broadcasts start at 11:30 a.m.

London's famed BBC Proms in Royal Albert Hall  — Chicago Tribune
LONDON – The BBC Proms proclaims itself as the greatest classical music festival in the world and does so with the confidence of knowing it's got the artistic goods to back up its sweeping claim.

Musical notes  — Prospect
In a properly ordered world, Abbado and his orchestra would move on from Lucerne to make a triumphant visit to the Proms before they disband for the year, but once again the “world's greatest classical music festival” hasn't managed to arrange a visit ..

Popular Q&A

Why is classical music good for babies?

Reading to a baby and playing classical music helps to stimulate the child's mental development. !

Why do some professionals recommend listening to classical music for babies

Professionals recommend listening to classical music for babies because of the Mozart effect. A study had shown that college students who listened to Mozart before a test performed better.

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